Our profiles met and it was love at first type.

There is so much that has happened in the last four months that it is hard to remember.
Our profiles met and it was love at first type.
He would encourage me with the exercise regime that I was on and send scripture passages that were helpful for the moment. Then for some unknown reason, he was gone. I thought that he met someone else.
About two weeks later he IM'd me. The only thing that I could get out that didn't sound too desperate was..."Hi, I missed you."
It took about five minute for him to respond. I thought that I came across a little too intense. What was really happening was the fact that he was at first shocked that someone had actually noticed that he had been away and the other was that he was fighting the tears, because he had feeling for me too and was about to declare them. (I just moved a little faster.) The rest has been absolutely blissful. Our families are blending well and our joy and gratefulness to our Lord (I know that He had a hand in it as well) is eternal.
I do want to say "Thank you" to LDSMingle for helping. We would not have met otherwise.
We are having a temple marriage in the spring.
Thank you again.

Love from,



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