I've never felt so complete in my life.

I was on this site for just a few days before I was contacted by someone special. We talked through mail and then exchanged phone numbers. I was extremely anxious to hear her voice. When that ice was broken, we decided to meet. I've never felt so happy in my life! We had a picnic with our kids at a park and I could not stop smiling at her and giving her 99% of my attention. The other 1% was towards all of our kids as they played. She is the most sweetest young lady I've ever met and I've never felt so complete in my life. We both dedicate all our time to one another and our family. We have outings galore and beach activities!

Now we have a date set for our wedding! Thank you for the help in all the LDS Mingle web based ways to break the ice in getting back into the dating scene.


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