I met the man of my dreams.

Never give up, ladies! I have been on LDS Mingle for over five and a half years. Yes, years and had only one lunch date with a guy whose photo was about 15 years younger than him. Then I met the man of my dreams. I live in Canada and he emailed me because his cousin lives in the same city as I do. We started talking on the phone in March, he came up here to meet me from Iowa in early June, and we'll be married in early August...fast, eh? We both know this is right and we could not be happier. I had nearly given up hope of ever meeting anyone, but I did and we are very happy. So, ladies, never give up. The man of your dreams will find you just as my man found me. It may take a bit of time, but it will happen!

junie & Huffner5

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