I'm glad she found me.

After getting back from my last deployment, I went to the hospital for a lengthy period of time. One day, I received a smile from this girl, KTQT. I sent her an email 5 minutes later. We started to email on a regular basis and both of us kind of thought, we might get tired of the other rather quick, so, why not spend some time together. It turned out to be an addiction. We started to talk on the phone frequently and after 3 months, Katie came to see me in Germany.

When she had to leave, it was the hardest for both of us. So, we decided to meet for Christmas and New Year's, yet we didn't know where. It turns out, I came to the US to meet her. Before visiting her, we already agreed on getting married. So, I had the ring shipped to her place and had it sit on her nightstand for about three weeks (It was pure torture for her) :)

Well, it was Christmas Eve and freezing cold outside. I proposed at the Boise temple after a romantic evening at Joe's Crap Shack (got craps?:)) and a movie.

So, we've just gotten married the 1st of March in Seattle and we are excited to move her to Germany to experience Europe for a while. She's so very awesome and I'm glad Katie found me.

woody78 & KTQT

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