I knew it was right!

Well, it was kinda crazy and very unexpected! There wasn't any on-line dating between us and it really wasn't much of an internet experience. I had received an e-mail from my now "wife", ( Yea, so cool! ), that she was new in town and was wondering if i would be willing to give her some info as to when and where the singles ward met. When I logged on to check the e-mail, she happened to be on LDS Mingle also. I messaged her and got her phone # so we could meet up.

I met her that night, a mere 5 hours later, and we couldn't see enough of each other after that! Exactly a month after that night, I asked her Father for permission to marry her and 2 weeks after that, I purposed to her! Man, it was fast, but I knew it was right! LDS Mingle provided the moment for us to meet. If it wasn't for the little LDS Mingle mail I received, I wouldn't have even known she was around. Thank you LDS Mingle!


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