He completes my life so much it's hard to explain.

Caturtle and I (doulamum) met online after I sent him a smile. He said he read my profile and wanted to write to me, but it was too late in the evening so he was going to wait for the next day. Only when he opened his mailbox, there was the smile I'd sent. I just wanted to say hello to the only other single in my area. Little did I know I'd started something. We e-mailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and then met for a quick dinner with a friend. Our first solo date was after choir practice one night and we walked along the boardwalk watching the sunset and talking. It was exciting, awkward, interesting, scary, and the first date either of us had had for a very long time. LOL! We are NOT pro's! We messaged daily, talked on the phone, and got together a couple of times a week, taking turns to drive to see each other. I met his son, he met one of mine, then we had a family get together for fireworks and to see how it'd go with him meeting all 4 of my kids. They loved him and that was the last hurdle. We talked, snuggled, planned, watched sunsets, played mini-golf, and then got engaged a few months later. He completes my life so much it's hard to explain. I never knew that having somebody really know who you are and still love you even with all your imperfections, could feel so wonderful and freeing. I thought I'd never meet a nice LDS man given the fact that I'm a BBW with 4 children living on Vancouver Island with not a single man in sight. And here I am, marrying a man from the next ward down island and only an hour away. He adores me and is kind and considerate. I adore him too. We know there will be trials, we've already been through some big ones, but we know that we're meant to be doing all of this as a team, relying on each others strengths and facing everything together. And we want you all to know that we're grateful to have met on LDS Mingle and so happy to have found true love the second time around.

Liz & Steve

Doulamum & Caturtle

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