Everything he did, I fell in love with.

I met D222M on here around December of 2006. He attempted to ask me out several times, in which I consistently told him no. He had told me he was part of the 222nd Field Artillery in the Utah National Guard. He knew a couple of my friends from high school and I did my research. Everyone I talked to said he was a nice guy, but I was still shy.

One night, he asked me if I enjoyed competition. I said, "Yes". He then decided to take me out to dinner and a night of laser tag. I would like to say it was happily ever after after that, but that wasn't our story.

He had been through a divorce times two while being deployed both times. I saw we had the same birthday and he decided we should make it a date. It was about Christmas time in 2007 that I didn't want him out of my life. No matter how much he tried to protect his heart, he kept me in his life. I also kept consistent prayers of what to do. I commuted from work late at night and he always would call to make sure I was safe. He was always there as my best friend. He was more concerned about my safety home from trips than even my parents had ever been (and they always worried!). He always told me how beautiful I was. Everything he did, I fell in love with.

On the day I graduated from school, he proposed. We are now in the midst of our wedding plans and I cannot wait!

Thank you LDS Mingle. To be honest, I never thought I'd be one writing my Success Story on here.

leavitt1 & D222M

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