Each day still feels like we are dating.

I was about to give up on the site, when I received a greeting from a young lady in Utah. I live in Oregon and my company is here, so I wasn't looking that far. She was working in Utah, but my profile caught her eye. I quickly checked her profile and saw that we did have some things in common, so we started to chat. We chatted on-line for two months before we met in person. We were engaged two months later and married nine months after we had first chatted. We are both older, me 37 and her 38, and neither had been married before. Our families and friends were so surprised at how quickly and completely we fit together. We both agree that learning to talk first on-line was the best for us because we weren't trying to entertain each other with our dating before we actually knew each other. Dating was then more fun than I had ever had and each day still feels like we are dating. We are very happy and as we return to the temple now, I still get the feelings I had that day we went through to be sealed.


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