Success Stories: 2008

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We can't wait to spend eternity together.

Tyler and I met in January of 2006. He is from Rock Springs, Wyoming and I am from Layton, Utah. He was the first to contact me through LDS Mingle and we talked for a few months between e-mails. I thought there was something different about him, but I didn't put a lot of thought into it. He left on his mission to New York a few months after we met and we talked only a couple times while he was away. When he came home, we started up where we had left off, like he had never even left. We met in person, Feb. 26, 2008. We have been dating ever since. This is the happiest that either of us have ever felt and we can't wait to spend eternity together starting in September.


As our friendship and love grew, we married.

We met on LDS Mingles and began chatting together. Soon, we began talking on the phone. Then he began coming from Utah to see me in Colorado. As our friendship and love grew, we married. I would have never found him if it wasn't for LDS Mingles.

Thank you,


We are both very happy!

Wendy6031 and I met through LDS Mingle. I know we can call it a success, for after meeting in November of 2007, we were married on the 3rd of May '2008. We are both very happy and need to give the 3rd member of our family a bit of time to get used to his Step-Dad. Otherwise, we are looking forward to our life together and are anxiously waiting for May 3rd, 2009 so we can attend the temple together and be sealed as a family for time and eternity. We wish everyone that is searching for their Eternal Companion the same blessings that we have been given.

bclrandy & wendy6031

bclrandy & Wendy6031

It's like I 'm living in a dream & it keeps getting better

I met the most incredible man thanks to LDS MINGLE! He lived in Ogden and I lived in Hurricane, so we would have never met without the help of on-line dating. It has definitely been the most spiritual experience of my life. I feel like I am living in a dream and it just keeps getting better! Thanks doesn't seem like enough! I said on my profile that I was waiting for my happily ever after and for me and Jason it has just begun.

Thanks again!



I couldn't be more happy or in love.

I met my fiance, Eliott, on LDS Mingle and was invited to go to a Karaoke party where I got to meet him in person for the first time. It was really nice to get to speak with Eliott and determine that I loved his personality and enjoyed his humor. He had a great picture on this site, but the feeling I got in person topped the appeal I had for him through email. We will have been dating for 5 months when we get married and haven't spent a day apart from each other. I am grateful to LDS Mingle for giving me an opportunity that wouldn't have been afforded to me otherwise. I couldn't be more happy or in love.


Each day still feels like we are dating.

I was about to give up on the site, when I received a greeting from a young lady in Utah. I live in Oregon and my company is here, so I wasn't looking that far. She was working in Utah, but my profile caught her eye. I quickly checked her profile and saw that we did have some things in common, so we started to chat. We chatted on-line for two months before we met in person. We were engaged two months later and married nine months after we had first chatted. We are both older, me 37 and her 38, and neither had been married before. Our families and friends were so surprised at how quickly and completely we fit together. We both agree that learning to talk first on-line was the best for us because we weren't trying to entertain each other with our dating before we actually knew each other. Dating was then more fun than I had ever had and each day still feels like we are dating. We are very happy and as we return to the temple now, I still get the feelings I had that day we went through to be sealed.


We got married and are now expecting...

We first started talking on December 12th. We had a great conversation and then we both kind of disappeared from one another until the middle of January. We met one night and tried to go to the movies and it was too late, they were closed. We decided to go to a park and walked around the pond. We were there until 3:30am, just talking and getting to know one another. We saw each other almost everyday and then on March 15, 2008 we got married. We already got a house together and merged our families and then found out we are pregnant.


I met my soulmate and eternal partner.

I just signed up for LDS Mingle because of a friend. I never thought that I was actually going to meet somebody this way, but the fact is, I did. It took about 3 weeks after I created my profile and we kept on chatting until I traveled from Texas all the way to Peru to see her even though it was far away. I can say it was worth it. I thank you LDSMingle, for giving me the opportunity to meet my soulmate and my eternal partner. Thank-you!


Words cannot describe how happy we are!

Rusty would try to talk to me, but had no picture. There was something about him and the messages he left that made my heart swoon. So when he eventually put up his; it was love at first sight! We talked on this site, but mainly on the phone. Our first conversation was 6 hours long! Everyday, I would wait for his call or call him. We had so much in common and I grew deeply in love with him. Sounds funny I know, but I knew Heavenly father had led us to each other! He asked me to marry him over the phone, so we went to general conference together in 2007. I flew out on a Friday and we were married in Las Vegas on a Monday. We just celebrated our 1st year together on April 2nd and will be married for time and all eternity on the 25th April; I cant wait! I truly met my soulmate and words cannot describe how happy we are! Thank-you to whoever was inspired to make such a wonderful website; it was worth every penny and more.
Libby & Rusty
(Libby2006 & RustyChristian7)

LIBBY2006 & RustyChristian7

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