Success Stories: 2008

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I met the girl of my dreams!

I met the girl of my dreams on this site. I activated my account and within a few days, met the person I will spend the rest of my life and her life with. This site has been a blessing in my life. I wish you all the success that I am experiencing. Good Luck and God Bless!


We knew we were to be married...

I was living in Utah for a while for work and possibly school, but because of work, I couldn't go home for Christmas and rescheduled a flight for January. The day before my flight to Washington, Brandon found me on this site and he just happened to be living in Olympia. We met the day after I got in to WA and we knew we were to be married that same day. Now we are happily wed and thankful for Heavenly Father for setting us up so unexpectedly!


There was an instant connection.

I met Brian on LDS mingles and he called me that night. We talked and there was definitely something there. We did not want to wait to meet, so the next day we went on our first date. When I pulled up in my car next to Brian at Panda Express, there was an instant connection. We dated many times after that and were married on April 25th, 2008.


He came to see me and never went home.

I met my husband here on LDS Mingle. I'm not an English speaker and I wanted to practice English a little more. He saw me on LDS Mingle and sent me a message to my e-mail and we became friends. After a year of chatting, he came to Chile for 2 weeks to get to know me and he never came back to his country; that was 2 years ago.


We are very excited for our future together!

I, superbirdbeth, never ever thought I would go online to find a man and I finally humbled myself enough to try it out. I saw islandboy74 in the searches that I did and passed him over because his picture didn't show his face really well. He sent me a smile and so I smiled back. We instant messaged and emailed for 5 days. He gave me his phone number and we have talked on the phone or in person everyday since then! We actually met each other in person 7 days later when he was willing to drive 6 hours to meet me. We dated for 2 months and have been engaged for 5 months and will be married July 12, 2008. We are very grateful for LDS Mingle to have helped us find each other. We are very excited for our future together and know that our patience in finding each other has paid off!

superbirdbeth & islandboy74

I just knew she was the one for me.

I had just gotten out of a rough relationship and had been casually writing people on LDSMingle, when I met CelesteStarr at the beginning of 2008! I was actually shocked at how "too good to be true" it seemed when I read her profile and we talked back and forth. She was amazing! We started talking on the phone and often would have 1,2,3 hour long conversations every night. We got along so well and it was so relaxing to get to know each other a little bit first before meeting. You pressure right! Then we decided to meet. CelesteStarr drove all the way from Lethbridge, AB, Canada to see me in Edmonton, 5 hours away. I was impressed! We had so much fun and hit it off. That very weekend, she came to visit and we made it official that we were dating. It was a short time later that I just knew she was the one for me and I proposed to her! She had prayed about it as I had and of course said yes! We are getting married in August of 2008! I am so happy I met her; she is wonderful! I honestly have had some great experiences on LDS Mingle and have met some really great people. It has been the best experience of my life and I highly recommend it to anybody. It's a great way to meet people that you are compatible with. Thanks LDS Mingle, you rock!:)


Phebious & CelesteStarr


THE MIRACLE OF A SMILE. It's so true. You see, I lived in Australia and he lived in Utah. I had a friend who said you should join LDSMingle and make some single friends for when you go on you trip. He also had a friend who said go on LDSMingle and make some single friends. You see, he was 49 and I was 45 and neither of us had been married before and all of our close friends were all married. So one day, I was looking at profiles and came across his and I thought, "What a gorgeous smile, he looks like a lovely man", so I sent a smile. He sent one straight back. We both had made many wonderful friends on LDSMingle. This was April of 2006 and as we got to know each other, we could tell that we liked each others humor. We had lots of fun and many hours were spent on LDSMingle sending mail and instant messaging, then we would call on the phone. We shared letters and photos of each other and our families. So in March of 2007, I came for my 6 week vacation to go to the L.D.S General Conference and to catch up with all my friends and all my new friends from LDSMingle. LDSMingle friends organized lunches and dances. It was just wonderful to be able to meet up. Now back to us; He wanted to do something very special so we met at the Garden Restaurant. As I got off on the 10th floor and walked down to meet him, we both just smiled. There it was again, the worlds greatest smile in person, and with that, our lives forever changed. He took me to our table that looked over the S.L.C Temple. He took my hand, looked me in the eye, smiled and said, everything was going to be great. And you know, it has been everyday since. We spent every minute we could together knowing my time was getting short and that I was going back to Australia. I only came for a vacation, but we had fallen in love. So the week before I was due to go home, he took me to the River Jordan Temple and asked me to be his for Time and all Eternity, then he slipped a ring on my finger and kissed me. I said yes and he called my mother in Australia to ask her. She was so supportive. That left us with 4 weeks to plan a wedding. Everything we went to do fell into place. His family and our friends were so helpful. So on the 25th of May, 2007, we were sealed for Time and all Eternity in the Bountiful Temple. The Heavens were open that day as we were so blessed. It was the best day of our lives, we had 60 people in our sealing and 300 came to our reception. It was a magical day filled with love and laughter and so has everyday since. We have just celebrated our 1st anniversary. It's just amazing, we are soul mates. We laugh all the time and oh how we LOVE each other. We give thanks every day to our Father in Heaven for bringing us together. And we want to thank LDSMingles too. Not just for each other, but for all the friends we were able to meet. Remember the next smile you send could change your life... WOO HOO! God's Blessings to you ALL!


Honeywithhumor & Supershane

Honeywithhumor & Supershane

I've never felt so complete in my life.

I was on this site for just a few days before I was contacted by someone special. We talked through mail and then exchanged phone numbers. I was extremely anxious to hear her voice. When that ice was broken, we decided to meet. I've never felt so happy in my life! We had a picnic with our kids at a park and I could not stop smiling at her and giving her 99% of my attention. The other 1% was towards all of our kids as they played. She is the most sweetest young lady I've ever met and I've never felt so complete in my life. We both dedicate all our time to one another and our family. We have outings galore and beach activities!

Now we have a date set for our wedding! Thank you for the help in all the LDS Mingle web based ways to break the ice in getting back into the dating scene.


What a coincidence!

Desert Dave and I met at our ward. We said hi and that was it. I was in a chat room on LDS Mingle and saw him in there. I clicked on his name, saw his picture, and thought, "Is he not in my ward?" I instant messaged him and asked if he was in my ward and he said I don't know, I am in Vegas 8th ward. I said yes, so am I and so we made arrangements to go out the next Saturday, January 19th, 2008. We have been together since then. On Aug 23, 2008, we will be sealed in the Las Vegas Temple for time and all Eternity. Thanks LDS Mingle, you are the best!


Pattyann & DesertDave

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