Success Stories: 2008

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We were inseparable after our first date.

Spencer took a chance on Lindsey's profile and they ended up chatting and texting while Lindsey was on vacation. After a week, they had their first date and were inseparable after that! They have been together for over a year and are finally tying the knot this month!


She is the kind of girl I have hoped to meet all my life.

I thought that this online match making process would take a long time, so I bought a six month membership. However, after only a few days of using this website, an amazing girl from Michigan (2000 miles away) contacted me and we sent a few smiles back and forth, then started to chat, then before we knew it, we were having six hour long conversations on the phone. She is the kind of girl I have hoped to meet all my life. I was pretty sure that I fell in love just from talking to her on the phone everyday for two straight months, but we decided to meet. I flew to Michigan and in person she has even more beautiful eyes than I could have dreamed of. :) She moved to AZ with me and we are currently dating and very happy. Thanks to all those who made this website possible!!!


I couldn’t be happier.

I moved to Colorado to be closer to family. I was worried about meeting singles here due to the size of the town I was in. I activated my account and moments later began chatting with what would become my fiancé. We chatted online for about an hour and then decided to exchange numbers and meet up later that night. We have been together from that moment on; I couldn’t be happier. I was skeptical about the online dating scene, but I guess the monthly fee was worth it for me.




It all started as a dare...

Her name is Kristy and mine is Gus. We chatted online early in July and talked on the phone that same night thanks to a dare I made her. Turns out that I was planning to go to the Hill Cumorah pageant in Palmyra later in July and was going to stop by NYC on the way back. So I suggested meeting up and we did and we hit it off. She's coming down to visit me in FL next weekend for a few days and we're meeting at my parents' in North Carolina this weekend and in Tampa in about 2 weeks from now as well. :) I have a really good feeling about her as a keeper and feel super happy thus far.

whopper199 & kristy82

He is my best friend and more...

How do you say thank you for your best friend? On June 5th, Brad and I were married in the Logan Temple. He is my best friend, the man of my dreams, and the answer to prayers. He sent me a smile on May 29, 2007 and even though he didn't have a picture on his profile, I decided he sounded like a decent guy, so I gave him a chance. We had our first date on July 6, 2007 and have talked on the phone every day since then. Needless to say, there have been challenges, as anyone who has had a long distance relationship will understand, but we managed to make it work. He proposed Thanksgiving weekend while we were taking the trash out at his parents house. We planned a wedding with me in school in Colorado, him in Logan, and my parents in southern New Mexico, oh my!

Our relationship has been filled with miracles with the weather breaking as we came out of the temple and staying beautiful for our garden reception, only to begin raining again the next morning. As they say, faith precedes the miracle. Thank you for making it possible for my husband and I to meet each other.

-Lizard75 and Brad33

lizard75 & Brad33

She absolutely knocks my socks off.

I met Linda on LDS Mingle this past June. I was at a point in my life where I had pretty much given up on finding "her". Shelly absolutely knocks my socks off. She understands my "outside the box" humor. We have this simpatico. I cannot get enough of her. Sure, she is very easy on the eyes, but that is just the icing. I look forward to getting to know her really, really well. At this point, we have a precious friendship. I told her that I love her, that I did not want to share her with anybody else. That was a huge step! 2008 promises to be an interesting year indeed.

Matthew Johnson, M.D.
Las Vegas, NV


He completes my life so much it's hard to explain.

Caturtle and I (doulamum) met online after I sent him a smile. He said he read my profile and wanted to write to me, but it was too late in the evening so he was going to wait for the next day. Only when he opened his mailbox, there was the smile I'd sent. I just wanted to say hello to the only other single in my area. Little did I know I'd started something. We e-mailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and then met for a quick dinner with a friend. Our first solo date was after choir practice one night and we walked along the boardwalk watching the sunset and talking. It was exciting, awkward, interesting, scary, and the first date either of us had had for a very long time. LOL! We are NOT pro's! We messaged daily, talked on the phone, and got together a couple of times a week, taking turns to drive to see each other. I met his son, he met one of mine, then we had a family get together for fireworks and to see how it'd go with him meeting all 4 of my kids. They loved him and that was the last hurdle. We talked, snuggled, planned, watched sunsets, played mini-golf, and then got engaged a few months later. He completes my life so much it's hard to explain. I never knew that having somebody really know who you are and still love you even with all your imperfections, could feel so wonderful and freeing. I thought I'd never meet a nice LDS man given the fact that I'm a BBW with 4 children living on Vancouver Island with not a single man in sight. And here I am, marrying a man from the next ward down island and only an hour away. He adores me and is kind and considerate. I adore him too. We know there will be trials, we've already been through some big ones, but we know that we're meant to be doing all of this as a team, relying on each others strengths and facing everything together. And we want you all to know that we're grateful to have met on LDS Mingle and so happy to have found true love the second time around.

Liz & Steve

Doulamum & Caturtle

It was perfect, we just clicked.

Thanks to this site, I met my husband on July 17th, 2007. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about our first date. It was perfect, we just clicked. I remember being so nervous before our date because I didn't know much about him, but as soon as I saw him, everything changed forever. We're so thankful for this site. We got married for all eternity at the Mount Timpanogos Temple on January 18th, 2008. It was the best day of my life! We're perfect for each other and we're just so happy together. THANK YOU SO MUCH LDS MINGLE!

cinthiaferrari & sauce

We knew that our paths were set to cross.

After my wife of 47 years passed away, I wasn't sure that I would ever love another. We had known each other since early Primary days, through MIA, Seminary, and were sealed in 1961. However, through LDS Mingle, I was fortunate in meeting many lovely Sisters that had the same life interests that my wife & I had prior to her 12 year battle with cancer. There were so many Sisters that desired being sealed to their new acquaintances, but I had a eternal companion from which I could not ever think of being separated. But on March 20th, a smile from a lovely lady ADVENTURENOW just rocked my life. I was able to express and share my innermost feelings and thoughts. Sherry's husband John had also passed away due to cancer complications many years ago. They had been sealed and enjoyed their eternal family for over 40 years here on earth.
Sherry and I just started with a smile and I returned with a card. To make a very personal story short, after 127 days of conversations and meetings, we knew that our Heavenly Father and our Eternal Companions had set our paths to cross. We were married on July 25, 2008 for the opportunity to share our remaining earthly days together and to be able to complete some of those plans that we had made with each of our eternal mates. Thank you LDS Mingle for helping guide us together. As I lived in California and Sherry in Utah, the probability of our paths crossing was slim, but with LDS Mingle's help and our Father in Heaven's guidance, our life together will go forward. To you Brothers and Sisters still searching, read those points mentioned in the 13th Article of Faith. But above all, be honest in your searching and in your contacts. As King Benjamin said...Follow the commandments and the Lord will bless you beyond your expectations...


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