Success Stories: 2008

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She has been my love and always will be.

I met migkamilla, she has been so wonderful since. I love her; she has been my love and always will be. Just want to tell you all that it is possible to find true love here. LDSMingle is a safe place to meet people. I know a couple already married who met here. Well I just want to say that I love Kamilla.

single1885here & migkamilla

We still cannot get enough of each other

I am very happy to say that I have met the love of my life. And I met her on LDS Mingle. Her screen name was Naomy. We started talking back in October and in December we fell in love to say the least. Last week on the 27th of December I asked her to marry me already and she said yes.
Things between us have been extraordinary. Although we live in different countries and speak another language, we still cannot get enough of each other and will do what it takes to be together. Thanks LDS Mingle.

***Updated 10/29/08***
Maritza (Naomy) and I are engaged to be married on 7-Aug-2009 in Cordoba, Mexico. Our situation is quite unique and special. There are many trials and blessings, but our love is overcoming all. I wish that everyone could find what we have.

***Updated 6/25/09***
We are now husband and wife...Our wedding was April 2, 2009. Our plan was to do our wedding on August 7, 2009, but our love is bigger and we decided to get married on April 2nd in Cordova Veracruz, Mexico...It is the story of our love come true and we wish to share it with
other members on LDS Mingle.

Joseph and Maritza.

jogam1975 & Naomy

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