Success Stories: 2008

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Never thought this would ever happen.

I saw his picture and thought, "there is something about this boy...better give him a smile". He smiled back and we started chatting on Mingle and hit it off instantly. We have been talking EVERYDAY since and I even went and met him. I was on Mingle for a year and a half and he was only on for a month. Lucky boy! LOL We are getting married this summer. Never thought this would ever happen and I am so grateful it did. Thank you Mingle!!!


We will be united for time and eternity

This site really works! I was blessed to have a fiance (Dj2dbeach) who is God Loving, responsible, and honest. We will be united for time and eternity in the Holy Temple this year! God loves us and blesses our lives if we keep our covenants and remain true to our faith.
May God bless your lives too as he has blessed ours.

Maritess & Dj2dbeach

I am very, very happy

I met my boyfriend at LDSMingle and now we are getting married. I am very, very happy to know that there is a place like LDSMingle where LDS members can meet someone special. Thank you so much for building a beautiful place like this; you are responsible for my happiness. Thank you so much!!


I am very blessed that Heavenly Father brought me to him.

I couldn't stop looking at Islandlife's profile, so finally I sent him a smile and it started from there. Soon we were talking every day. We traveled back and forth to each other's country several times to see each other. Then at Christmas he asked me the question and I said yes. Now we are getting married on Valentine's Day and he is moving here. I am very blessed for this site and very grateful that Heavenly Father brought me to islandlife on this site. I can't wait to spend forever with him. Thanks LDSMingle for letting people 1000 miles away meet each other and fall in love.

destinyhope & Islandlife

I`m happily married to the man that I always dreamed of...

Well....this site really works....Actually, I`m happily married to the man that I always dreamed of finding....I met him here...he wrote that he only wanted to be a "friend", but as you can all see, we are now sealed in the holy temple...I`m colombian and he is from Chile. Thank you LDS Mingle for providing a way for me to find my eternal love.


We look forward to the rest of our life together

To let you know that LenEarl & LongBeachSunshine got married on January 1st and are residing in Long Beach, Ca for the time being or till Nicole retires from her job. Len has his place in Arizona & we will move there as soon as we can.

Len is a Long Beach native. So coming back to town was a new beginning & trip back in time for him. He was supposed to visit on November 29th & 30th, but came early on November 26th and stayed for two weeks. Went back to Arizona for two more weeks to take care of business, then returned to Long Beach to take up where we had left & we have been with each other ever since.

Thank you so much LDSMINGLE for bringing us together. The funny thing is that Len was no stranger to me; I have known his family for years, his family is in my same church ward.

Len is a wonderful husband & I am a very blessed woman to have him in my life. We are happy to start this new year together as man & wife. We look forward to the rest of our life together & of course even beyond for all time & eternity.

We hope many more singles with LDSMINGLE will have the blessing to find each other like Len & I have. We wish you all a very, very happy & blessed New Year.

With best wishes & love from us both:
Len & Nicole

longbeachsunshine & LenEarl

We are both so happy....

I had only been using this site for about two weeks when I received a "smile" from a very handsome man from Canada. Besides being from a different country, I thought he was out of my league, but figured what the heck, I'll "smile" back! When he wrote to me, he admitted that he thought I was out of his league too and he didn't expect me to respond to his "smile", but he was glad that I had. It only took us about a week of talking through IM until we decided to meet and man, am I glad we did! We have since gotten married and on Christmas I surprised him with a positive pregnancy test; he was so excited he cried! We are both so happy.... and it could never have happened without LDS Mingle!!!!


I just knew that my life would never be the same.

About 2 1/2 years ago, I met a wonderful man on this site. We felt a special connection, but because of distance, just became friends. After almost a year and a half of emailing, chatting online, and an occasional phone call, we finally decided to buy the first airplane ticket. From the moment he walked off that plane, I just knew that my life would never be the same. A month and a half after the fist visit, I made the move from California to New Mexico. Two months later we were engaged, and four months after that we were married on June 30, 2007. We have now been married almost 7 months and nobody can believe that we really met on-line. Thank you for providing a place for LDS members to find people who share our standards and morals.

darkstardanica & LDSoldier

Once we started to talk, we clicked!

We were both in the chat room and he was just talking away and once we started to talk, we clicked!!!!!! He is truly the one. He fasted and prayed and asked if I was the one and I did the same. We both got the same response which was to go for it. He will be coming to visit me in April and might propose!!!!! Thanks to the dating sight, I have found my true love!!!!!!!


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