Success Stories: 2008

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He makes me a better woman and I love the man he is.

How can you tell a summary of the fulfillment of your heart-felt desires and wishes? I met Hoetotheendofrow on LDSMingle more than 2 years ago. Our beginnings were not as aususipicious in anyway and probably very similar to other stories you read. We "flirted", we "instant messaged", and then we talked on the phone. Both of us committed to taking our time in finding an eternal companion. So, I set about dating as many people as I had time and energy to date; thinking it was just like checking off items on a grocery list! Yikes! Rebound!!!

We didn't meet for at least 3 months. We had a great time, but were not rushing out to look at rings after the first weekend. We continued talking and getting to know one another. We even "broke up" for about 2 months and dated other people. Which I think we both had to do to appreciate what we had.

Our relationship grew strong because neither one of us hesitated in revealing all there was to reveal about ourselves, our pasts, our present, and our hope for the future. We worked HARD at our relationship. We were honest and kind with one another. We didn't allow the physical attraction (but it was GREAT) overshadow the emotional and spiritual attraction. We visited many different temples. We took both long and short trips together. We met each other's families and attended each other's wards. I think we got the best of a Disney "they lived happily ever after" and Dr. Phil's best advice for a healthy and happy relationship. Through our times together, we have developed love and trust and have healed our broken hearts. He makes me a better woman and I love the man he is.

Our success story is not over, but just beginning. We also have some more obstacles to moving to him, kids not wanting move, etc., etc. But how much better to face obstacles and challenges with a strong, confident, loving, faithful, and kind partner by your side!

Keep looking! Keep hoping! Keep smiling and laughing! Hold out for the very best you can hope for. He/She is out there; I can testify to that fact!

mykidsfunmom & Hoetotheendofrow

I've never been happier.

I joined LDS mingle with little hope of meeting anyone who would be serious about a relationship. I doubted that I would find the woman I hoped for and I was certain that those I did find to be of interest to me ... would not return any of my attempts to contact them.

With those certainties in the forefront of my expectations ... did I get a surprise! I received a "Smile Card" from one of the members. I returned the smile, which got mistaken for a I'm not interested message. A week or two later, I went to a singles conference. As I sat, having only recently joined the Church and LDS Mingle, I saw a very beautiful lady walk in the door. I never got a chance to speak to her that night, but the following Saturday we had the chance to exchange business cards and to talk.

The following Tuesday, I received another LDS Mingle which linked me to the woman I would eventually marry.

Thanks to our connection to Mingle, we were able to get together.

We met in June and married in November. I've never been happier and I thank LDS Mingle for being my first contact with this beautiful sister.


We are 100% match.

I never thought I'd find love on LDS Mingle, but I did. Navylad and I started dating in September last year and now we plan to get married on the 27th of June this year. Thank you so much for helping us find one another. You were right about the 100% match, we truly are!

KulaShaker & Navylad

We've had a great time getting to know each other.

I met my sweetheart on-line. She is from Canada and we have had a great time getting to know each other. I really recommend LDS Mingle for a way to get to meet people and then go meet them in person to see if they are really for you! It worked for me and I built many great relationships of friends on-line before I met my wife. It was a wonderful and learning journey. Best of blessings to you all. Kevin


I fell in love

I was divorced in the summer of 2007. As painful as this unfortunate event was, I had decided not to look for another relationship for some time. But then, one very early morning, unable to sleep, I entered a chat room and met Winddancersong. We did not speak for long, but before we parted ways for the night, we had set up a date. We got to know each other better under star strewn skies at night watching stars and the occasional meteor from the summit of the nearby mountains. The more I knew her, the more healed my heart became. I fell in love with her zest for life and her generous nature, of which I have never seen the equal.
After about a month, we became exclusive and we dated for six months until I proposed in January of 2008.
She accepted my proposal, we will be wed and sealed May 17th and I am looking forward to our eternal journey together. She is a gift and a miracle and I am fortunate to have found such an intelligent and beautiful woman.
Thank you so much for making it possible for us to find one another and come together. It is a wonderful service you provide to bring together people of the same faith with the same values, in a world where it is not easy to hold fast to them or find others that do. Regards and thanks.

Nathan C.

Crownguard & Winddancersong

We immediately hit it off.

This is where my husband-to-be broke the ice. He sent me a smile last February, I responded through emailing. We emailed each other for about 6 months and then met for the first time in August a week before my birthday. We immediately hit it off. We met a second time during Thanksgiving and that is when he proposed. We will be married this June.


She is the love of my life

I met her on this website and we are getting married on August 8, 2008. I am so pleased that I met her because her being in Canada and me in Utah we would of never met. We are getting married in the Regina, Canada temple and I just am so in love and appreciate the service of meeting her. She is the love of my life and I cannot wait to have her as my wife for eternity. However, I wouldn't of ever met her if it wasn't for this site and so I am very pleased that I did because for me to marry someone from Canada is something I would of never thought. I am just grateful to God that I found this site. Thank you for helping me find my love, my best friend, and my wife.


I feel complete in every aspect of my life.

I was always worried when a woman would instant message me, it always felt like i was being recruited for yet another meaningless dating experience. Then I met Carolee... When she contacted me, we chatted for a while and then she gave me her number and after a few dates I knew that this was the most beautiful, spiritual, intellectual, and funny woman I had ever met. She is a woman that will read scriptures after the chapter or verse recapping what we have just read making it so fun and educational. She is so brilliant. She teaches high school algebra; something I never did well in. She tells me how she sings to her class converting equations to music to help them learn. I just feel blessed that God brought Carolee into my life and finally I feel complete in every aspect of my life. Thank you LDSMingles because without you, this reality would still be a dream....

davetravis1 & Carolee

I love her very much.

I met my fiance on this website back on May 15, 2006 and we have talked and gotten to know each other for the past 2 years since. We did not live close to each other. I can't wait to see her at the sealing room in the San Diego Temple. She is wonderful and I love her very much. Thank you LDSMingles...keep it real!


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