Success Stories: 2008

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We are both so happy and thankful for each other!

It was love at first sight; and after prayer! We met on a Friday after chatting that morning. We really liked each other. We talked all night and on Saturday and Sunday, except for the time he was in church. He drove back down on Monday and we spent the day together and found out we have so much in common. He is such a great guy! My older kids wanted to meet him, so they met him on Thursday and he asked me to drive up to see him. He said "You are my sweetie and I want you to see my house first!" So I drove up with my little ones and what a wonderful night! We both drove back on Friday and went to the St. George temple where he proposed to me in the celestial room.
Crazy I know, but we started with prayer asking how can this be and now our prayers consist of thanking the Lord for each other. We are both so happy and thankful for each other!
We were over 300 miles from each other and I have 8 kids and he has 4 kids. AND WE KNOW IT WILL WORK!


It just keeps getting better and better...

WOW.. It's been over a year since I was married to the most wonderful, perfect-for-me man! I was a VERY FREQUENT Board poster and he thought it was quite entertaining to read some of my posts (Goes to show that some folks really do have a warped sense of humor..) It took us 6 months to meet after those first emails.... both of us were kinda "involved" with others. But WHOA.. that first meeting....we closed down the restaurant and kept on talking. After that, it just kinda flowed and happened. We dated for a year, which really helped set our relationship in stone. By the time we married, the kids were more then ready too for us all to pull together. I must say that it just keeps getting better and is good and I feel so blessed! If anyone on the R&D board still remembers me, then let me say that my closet is more fun than ever. And the glow-in-the-dark handcuffs, well... all I can do is SMILE and my awesome husband gets more awesome each and every day! What a wonderful way to ride through this earthly existence!

JustJudy & Jstamp
Together Forever...No Matter What!!!


It is incredible how alike we are.

It all started with a flirt, commenting I liked his profile. We emailed back and forth talking about the game of flirting. We named each other the Queen and the King of flirts. Soon we started chatting, then the first phone call, and many phone calls after that. He was calling me the Queen of his heart. We both received confirmation after confirmation from the Lord that we were to be together. We just fit, it is incredible how alike we are. We have the same values, the same passions, and the same ideas. I truly met the person the Lord hand picked for me through LDS Mingle. Thank you! We are getting married March 29th!!

Dreamer_1958 & lovesongguy

We hit it off so amazingly...

I am not kidding... within 24 hours of creating my profile, I got a chat invitation. We exchanged e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and talked for 4-5 hours a day. We met within 2 weeks and hit it off so amazingly and this weekend he is talking to my dad and I'm getting a ring! All within 5-6 weeks. The speed of it had me freaked out for a while and I think it is so silly that I met someone online, but hey! I believe whole-heartedly that it was meant to be!!!


We so enjoyed each other's company.

I smiled at Meso and he smiled back. We wrote back and forth for 2 months and then met in person. We lived 3 hours from each other, but we so enjoyed each other's company. We would make the trip every weekend. After dating for a month and a half and meeting each other's families, we got engaged. We are so glad that we found one another! We are getting married in June!

Thales & Meso

He was the confidence and the love I had lost.

Lightening strikes twice. I first met Tystrat almost 5 years ago here on LDS Mingle. He was the man of my dreams. Our marriage was all I had hoped for. He passed away only too suddenly. My world was gone. I met Storminc21 when I felt I couldn't find that kind of best friend again. He was the confidence and the love I had lost. We met at Church... then again, what a more appropriate place to meet? He happened to be on LDS Mingle too. He is the most kind, compassionate, and loving man I had met in a long, long time. He didn't mind if we spent the day with my elderly Grandmother caring for her. We would go on photography hikes and walks together. While on one such trip, the snow had fallen and we were able to see the tracks of deer and bobcats. We were able to photograph some incredible snowscapes. Then he asked me to marry him. I said yes! We are happy to announce we are getting married on Valentines Day. I appreciate all the wonderful things he constantly does for me. We wish you all the best of luck and not to give up. Love is out there, sometimes closer than you think.

growinparadise & Storminc21

We have been inseparable...

I met the most wonderful man in the world on LDS Mingle. I never thought that I would really find the person I would marry online. I was just thinking I would find some people to date. However, after chatting with my Mr. Right for 5 hours, we met the next day and have been inseparable from that day on. We are getting married on February 29th. I didn't think this would happen to me, but I am so thankful that it has. LDS Mingle has changed my life forever!


We are both dazed and confused in love with one another

This somethingtobelievein's Profile (me) found jstwandering's Profile (the one) to compliment in life and hopefully eternity too. We are both dazed and confused in love with one another as if teenagers and it feels 'Oh, so good!' What's best is that we not only connected through here but also through our Houston Metro LDS SA activities outlet. Words of advice: when its meant to be, it just is...but it will be in person not just in a dream, fantasy, or behind the desk of a computer. Thank you for providing us this option though for our initial encounter of contact.

somethingtobelievein & jstwandering

He is so worth the wait.

I am very happy to say that I have meet the love of my life. Like 2 months ago I sent him a smile. Anyway, he responded with an email and we decided to chat, but I knew that he was looking for a friend and I was trying to find someone who I loved. I almost canceled my membership after a lot of the frustrating dates and relationships, but I continued while watching his profile until one day on December 19, 2007 when I received your e-mail. I figured I should return to speak with him. I decided to talk on the phone with him and we had a good time. We found we had many common interests. The phone conversations kept going for about one week and one week before I told him where I knew him from. After that we decided to meet. He gave me a rose charm, but when I saw him, I said "wow " he is better than in his picture. So we went out to eat and talk, not realizing that we both liked and thought the same thing. So I went to my own car, but I decided to call him and tell him that I really liked him and he told me the same thing. So we drove that night and so far I decided to leave the site because we have been speaking daily and have never stopped. We have a great relationship and the next week he meet my kids and learned about me and my family. We felt LOVE in a few weeks, actually within days. I was grateful he came into my life when he did.I can't believe how lucky I am to find him. I was pretty impressed with his words, but was pleasantly surprised that he was so handsome as well. What a bonus! I feel so safe with him and more in love than I ever thought was possible.
I meet my sweet eternal love. He is very cute and we have so much fun. I knew I loved him and wanted to be with him. I love him with all my heart and soul and he loves me.

It didn't take us long to realize that there was something very unique and special between us. Not to mention the chemistry. I have never meet anyone who is so nice. It was amazing how fast our feelings developed during just a few days.
Keep the faith; true love is just a click away!
We hope many more singles with LDS MINGLE will have the blessing to find each other like angel72 & eternal love. I wish everyone on LDS Mingle or anywhere in life, will find the one luck I have. Never give up hope and know that your true love is out there, being prepared to meet you. Even if it takes four years to get there, it did me and he is so worth the wait. I love him with all my heart and soul and he loves me.

With eternal love,


Angel72 & eternallove

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