Success Stories: 2008

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Every quality that she had, seemed to draw me to her...

I haven't been a paying member of this site in quite some time now, but I do have to share what I consider to be a success story.
I met Nicole on your site over 2 1/2 years ago. We began by me initiating contact with her and hoping and praying that she would want to talk with me! She was so beautiful and so attractive. Every quality that she had, seemed to draw me to her that much more!! She seemed so perfect!!
Well, not the rubber is gonna hit the road! We're in the process of planning a trip where I'm going to travel down to Utah from my home-state of Montana so I can meet her in person. Can you believe that we've been talking and chatting and calling and having web cam chats all this time and we've grown so much closer and have such a stronger bond than when we started because of it?! I'm so looking forward to meeting her!
I have every confidence in the fact that things will go better than perfect when we actually have the chance to see each other face to face, eye to eye, and see if the chemistry that exists in our communication is just as strong or stronger in person! I will definitely add an amendment to this when I get home from our time together!! I can guarantee you, that there will surely be a wedding invitation or two sent to the people that created this site!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet the woman of my dreams!!

Elijah S. Corrigan


Everything about being with him felt right.

Eric sent me a smile on LDS Mingle, the very beginning of January. Instantly I knew there was something different about him. Even the women at work were telling me that I needed to be with this guy from the letters he wrote me. I found myself doing things that I would never do (stepping out of my comfort zone much too early). By the second week of January, we were talking on the phone on a nightly basis for no less than an hour at a time, sometimes 3 hours. I wasn't planning to meet Eric until the second week of February, but it seemed that it wasn't supposed to be that way. The plans that I had to go on a cruise at the end of January fell through, so I got in my car and drove five hours to see him for the weekend. That same night, (January 31st), he asked me out! We continued to move forward in the relationship much quicker than I have ever agreed with. It was like all the rules that I set in my head about length of dating and how quickly feelings were allowed to come on just didn't apply to Eric. Everything about being with him felt right. At the end of February, I went north to meet his parents and that's when he asked me to marry him. We're getting married on August 23rd in the Cardston Temple! From the moment we started talking, I had been praying to know if I was supposed to pursue a relationship. After some real fasting and prayer, we know that we not only are compatible, but are truly meant to be together for this life and the next. We couldn't be happier!


He is the man of my dreams...

My husband and I met at an event that was posted in September. We dated several months and then we were married in December. He is the man of my dreams and I'm glad that LDS Mingle posted the event so that we both could know information about it.


We're happier than ever together.

It was pretty cool. I signed up on a Friday and then didn't get back on until Sunday. I didn't really think anything would come out of this. Well, Sunday I got on and found Troy. We started talking and met up in 3 days. Well, now we have been dating for four weeks and we're happier than ever together. I highly recommend this site.

***Updated 8/6/08***
We met on LDS Mingle back in March and fell in love. Then on June 5th, he asked me to marry him at Disneyland. We are now getting married Aug 15th and are going to Disney World for our honeymoon. This place really works. Before we met, we both always swore that we would never meet anyone online. Well, the same night we both happened to just get on-line for fun and started chatting, then a week later, he asked me on a date. So good luck to everyone out there on finding your true love like we have!


I met the woman of my dreams...

I met the woman of my dreams and we are getting married now thanks to Lds Mingle. So maybe you all will get as lucky as us. Good luck!

Joseph Johnson
MT3 US Navy.


It really sparked me when I first looked at his profile!

I've met this guy on LDS Mingle a year ago. It really sparked me when I first looked at his profile! He told me that he got a crush on me when he saw mine. So we started doing the email thing and we knew that we are meant to be together, so now he even tried to fly to see me!


Something about him drew me in.

I was browsing one day and noticed his picture. I was going to pass him by, but something about him drew me in. I noticed on his profile that it said he didn't want to date divorced women, so I just put him out of my mind and kept doing my own thing. As the days went on, somehow I found myself back at his profile, staring at his picture. One day I finally got up the nerve to send him a flirt. He sent one back. We emailed for a day or so and then we were talking on the phone. A week later we met. There were many obstacles that seemed to want to keep us apart, but ten months later we prevailed and were married!


Our love grows every day.

We started to talk as friends. The first time we met we were in Utah . Over the last year we have been to three temples and that is where we found our love for each other. I am from Idaho and she is from Mexico. We still live far apart, but our love grows every day we talk to each other . We will marry this July in Salt Lake City.


We began a wonderful dating relationship that turned to more

I joined LDS Mingle, somewhat of a skeptic in 2006, but more just to have some harmless fun. I travel a bit for work and thought it might be nice to meet a few women in areas where I travel; at the time mostly around Utah and Idaho. I never thought in a million years that I would become one of your success stories.

Then a pretty blonde from California peeked at my profile. I wrote a brief note and almost immediately a friendship began. Brenda (bshehee), a school teacher and mother of four, and I, talked and wrote as friends for nearly 10 months. We never talked romance, just got to know each other very well...pretty much becoming best friends. I would sometimes tell her about my other dating woes. I didn't know if I would actually meet her; she said right up front that she would never move to Utah. But just in case we might be able to meet, I advised her (since she was newly divorced) that she should just spend time with her children for the time being. She listened to me and that kept her sort of off the market until we met.

Finally, I had to meet Brenda. We almost did not meet because she sort of got cold feet ... this being an internet relationship. She had fears about me being one of America's Ten Most Wanted. Now I can say that I am simply Brenda's Most Wanted. We met in April of 2007 and began a wonderful dating relationship that turned to marriage on November 1, 2007.

So, thank you LDS Mingle for making this wonderful experience possible. Chuck (Fit4Fun)

chuckandbrenda & bshehee

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