Success Stories: 2008

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It was as if we were long lost friends finally reuniting.

I found my fiance on here about 2 months ago. I thought he was really good looking so I messaged him, which I was really nervous about doing because I have never been on anything like this. We started emailing back and forth, which led to texting. We decided to meet about 4 days after speaking. We agreed the Visitors Center at the Mesa Arizona Temple would be a good place. The minute that we saw each other, it was as if time stood still. Sounds super cheesy, but it's true. When we saw each other, it was as if we were long lost friends finally reuniting. We almost hugged! Too make the story a little shorter, we were engaged a week later! So things like this really do work! Just keep trying and keep you heart and your spirit in the right place and Heavenly Father will bless you!


We will work out the distance...

David424 and I met 4 years ago on LDS Mingle and had one date. Since he lived in GA and I lived in UT, the distance didn't work for us. Four years later I had only been on LDS Mingle for 2 weeks and the first night he signed up he saw my profile! So 270 hrs of phone calls, hundreds of emails, and 3 trips later, we are engaged and will work out the distance somehow! Thank you LDS Mingle, for connecting us once again!

WhatAboutNow & David424

It was an instant connection.

Daniel and I met about a year ago online. It took some chasing on his part, but I finally decided to meet him. It was an instant connection. Our wedding is set for spring of 2009 in the Idaho Falls Temple. Thank you LDS Mingle for making a great site to help even me find that right person.


We found that we have been really looking for each other.

I met Gen online in April of 2007. She was living in Texas, so I wasn't expecting much out of the relationship, but I always felt at ease talking to her. We talked about everything: our dreams, our lives. We found that we have been really looking for each other. We finally met in October, got married in November, and I'm living in Texas now. I guess that you do what comes to the heart when it is the right time and the right person.




The spirit hit me so hard...

Almost a year ago, I saw a picture and a profile for a man that completely changed my world. He sent me a smile that simply said, "What's up." From then on, I was hooked. We began e-mailing and chatting, but he being from Hawaii and me living in Idaho, I really didn't think it was going anywhere. Then one weekend when I was in Park City for a hockey tournament, I received an e-mail from DannyMac. I didn't replay it right away because I had to leave for a game. While on my way to the rink, I had silently decided to myself that I shouldn't e-mail him back, because what was the point. He lived to far away and I couldn't play hockey in Hawaii. But no sooner had I decided to do this, the spirit hit me so hard basically telling me not to be stupid and don't let this man get away. I didn't...6 weeks later he was at my parents house asking my father for my hand in marriage. Then 6 weeks after that, I was in Hawaii meeting his family and getting proposed to in front of the Laie, Hawaii temple. We were married June 7th of 2008, in the Logan Temple. I tell all my single friends about LDS Mingle and I'm grateful for the friendships that I made while on this site. It's changed mine and my husband's life forever. Thank you!

Hockey26 & DannyMac

We are a match made in heaven...

"Iwonder" and "honeygold" wonder no more and has found her "honey"! Thanks LDSMingle! After many years of searching the world over, we found "true" love. We have a fantastic relationship that we never thought possible. Even with 300 miles between us, once we finally met, we couldn't be separated. We tied the knot, and didn't know marriage could be so good. Thanks to you, we are a match made in heaven, and on "mingle"!!! Good luck to all!

honeygold & Iwonder

We are inseparable.

I danced with her twice at a church dance. I only knew her first name and home town, etc. I had no way to find her again.

By chance I looked on your site and found her. I joined just to contact her. I did and she answered and now we are inseparable.

Thanks for all the help from LDS Mingle.


We just hit it off!

So she was browsing through the photos one day and thought that I had an interesting profile. She sent me a smile and I sent one back. She then sent me a message and I responded. We corresponded for a while. Then we started talking on the phone. I was then moving to Arkansas for graduate school and stopped in Utah to visit with her. We went on a date that lasted for 10 hours and just hit it off. After I had moved, we continued to talk and email. She then moved to Wisconsin around Thanksgiving. I came up to visit her and to meet her family. I then proposed to her and she said YES! We don't have a date set yet, but we are excited. We are both so grateful for this website which enabled us to find each other. Thank you LDS Mingle!

Wampa1 & Erinbean

wampa1 & Erinbean

Heavenly Father had something else in mind for me...

Last October, Ryan5Cents and I met online. He lived in Idaho and I lived in California. He sent me a few flirts, which I didn't respond to right away. It was an email a couple days later that I finally responded to which got the ball rolling in our relationship. Just under a year later, on Halloween, we were married in the Sacramento Temple. At first, I was apprehensive about telling people we'd met online, but now I don't even give it a second thought. I just think it's funny that I never wanted to meet my husband online. It looks like Heavenly Father had something else in mind for me.... and for us. Thanks for the services you provide! We now have a non-member friend on your website hoping to find some good people to connect with.

Kersilla & Ryan5Cents

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