We found each other at the last minute.

We were reminiscing tonight and wanted to share our success story. Katsdad sent me a smile a year ago Saturday the 28th of July. It just said, "I like your smile." The rest as they say is history. After exchanging smiles, cards and eventually emails we decided to share our phone numbers. We spent hours (literally) on the phone with each other. Not knowing each other, I don't know how we talked so long on the phone, but we seemed to just mesh. We dated for 3 months and katsdad surprised me with a proposal on Christmas Eve. We were married on March 30th. Anyone out there who thinks there isn't someone for them should just hang in there. Katsdad had decided to drop his membership because he had 6 children and was sure no woman would want to take on his brood, but we found each other at the last minute. Thanks for making it all possible.

edithfawn & Katsdad

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