We cover all the rainbow

I saw Randy at a nephew's baby blessing in my hometown and later noticed him on mingle. I emailed him a message and we met with our kids at a show. From that day we went out, not steady at first but after 6 months we were exclusive. His call name is wyattrp and mine is kaytielou. We are having a western wedding at a fort with barbecue beef and cowboy poetry. He is a blue white and I am a red yellow so we cover all the rainbow but we think alike and adore each other. I am so happy and want everyone to find eternal happiness! Our kids get along and we are expecting bumps but because we communicate and truly love one another, we have been able to work out everything. Thanks mingle, you made my eternity!

***Updated 7/5/08***

Wyattrp and kaytielou were married September 1st. We had a western wedding at a fort. I came in to Paul Brandt's "I Do" on a horse with Wyattrp leading me in. We had beef on a bun barbecue, a wandering goat, miniature horses, cowboy poetry, a candy cannon, beautiful weather, and lots of family and friends!

Since then, we have joined households, bought and renovated a house, survived ups and downs, and are growing in love and appreciation for each other.

Kaytielou & wyattrp

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