We both knew that the other was the right person

I got a message from Haplo on the 16th of August 2007. We instant messaged for a while. Right from the start, we go along really well. We talked on the phone quite a bit too, even though I wouldn't normally give out my phone number to anyone I'd met on the internet. We first met at the end of September when haplo made the drive over to Melbourne. Besides a few initial nerves, we had a great weekend together. Then we counted down the days until I went over to Adelaide at the start of November by talking on the phone several times everyday and getting to know each other more. I went over for a 4 day weekend and met his family and friends and we had another perfect weekend. Then just a week and a half later, I made the trip back and we spent two and a half weeks together. At this time, becoming engaged was just a formality because we had already talked about marriage and family and we both knew that the other was the right person to spend eternity with. We are getting married on the 1st of March and it's so exciting preparing for our big day and we can't wait!!!! Haplo and Jacques1980

jacques1980 & Haplo

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