We actually had something pretty special.

I'd been single for 4 years and through this site and others I had met tons of wonderful friends and enjoyed some longer-term relationships. Then one day a new person instant messaged me and we chatted briefly. We met the next week to go hiking in the mountains and instantly became great friends. We talked and dated regularly without being romantic (a strange thing for both of us...but we were still semi-involved with other people at the time). After many months of this, it occurred to both of us on a day trip to Park City where we had the time of our lives, that we actually had something pretty special. I am grateful for this way of meeting friends and how it brought the two of us together. I was online 4 years and he was online a month. Go figure the odds. We got married last week and the holidays this year (Dec '07) seem more glorious than ever and brighter as we look to our future! Have faith, take chances and be yourself!! It does happen to everyday people like us....God bless! ~sunniegirlusa


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