Warm tender feelings

On line our screen names are "niftfox" and "sweetsunlight". We are both excited to be getting married in April of this year. A year ago I (niftfox) attempted to communicate with Nancy.... (sweetsunlight) but she would have nothing to do with me as she was already interested in someone else. Finally in May of 2006 she began to communicate with me as things had not worked out with the other fellow. Since I love to practice my Spanish with the "senoritas", and she being from Monterrey Mexico, we began to have some very fun and interesting conversations. She seemed to be primarily interested in the same things as myself. Mostly spiritual things were what we talked about. We connected very deeply spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. We began to love each other as much as two people could online, but alas the distance was so great that we both abandoned the idea.

We went our seperate ways for a time. She became serious with a gentleman in Austin Texas, and I became engaged to a local sister. Niether of those relationships worked out, and we again found each other on line through mingles.

After about a month and a half of renewing our relationship and once again remembering the warm and tender feelings we had for each other previously, she decided to come and see me here in Las Vegas. She came the week of the singles conference. We spent time together. I offered to show her the lights of Las Vegas, she said: "I came a long way to find out if you are the man that I want for all eternity, I did not come to see the lights of Las Vegas." I knew and felt that it was then serious. We attended the temple together. We visited about sacred things there and felt the spirit confirm to us that we had something special. The following day I proposed to her and she accepted as I placed the the gold, diamond studded ring on her finger. She wept, and her eyes danced as she hugged me tightly and asked: "Eres tu?" (Art thou him?) I said, "I certainly hope so".

***Updated 7/6/08***
I am pleased to tell you that we (Niftfox and Sweetsunlight) have been blissfully married since April 6, 2007 in the Las Vegas Temple. It has been a great transition for both of us and we have met the challenges of a second marriage with the counsel of our leaders, to include daily scripture study and prayer, coupled with frequent temple attendance,(weekly at least).

Many ask us how we met and we are always happy to tell them that we met here on LDS Mingle.

We purchased a home in Las Vegas and attend a Spanish speaking ward where my wife works in the nursery and I have been called into the bishopric. We are not able to be ordinance workers anymore due to our calling in the bishopric, but we still volunteer weekly at the Las Vegas temple.

It is our desire to serve a full time mission at some point in the future. We are grateful for the technology that made it possible for us to find each other. We were able to share ourselves with each other intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally prior to our actual meeting. We finally did meet in mid February of 2007 and fell hopelessly in love with each other. We sealed that love for time and all eternity in the Las Vegas temple on April 6th.

We wish success to all those who are seeking that special someone. We would counsel to make that decision prayerfully and wait on the Lord.

The Johnsons

niftfox & sweetsunlight

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