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Dear Sarah,
Like most ldsmingle members here where success stories ended in marriage and so do I. I frequently love to read success stories. I'm also dreaming of one day I will something to tell here also about our love story....

I met scouse last 15 July of 2005. He sent me smiles twice which I replied. I wasn't a subscriber but our relationship worked out. We personally first met on September 1st. He made his way to visit Philippines and stayed for two weeks. He proposed marriage with a ring and eventually ended up in marriage last February 7th of 2007.

I am very happy having scouse in my life. We both are happy and looking forward for our future with God as our constant companion in our marriage relationship. Truly God and His love moves in mysterious ways.

scouse & aneworlds

His story:
Love moves in mysterious ways.

I met my wife here last 15th of July 2005. After sending each other smiles, cards and emails for months, I decided to fly and visit her personally in her homeland, Philippines last 1st of September 2006.

I proposed marriage to her with a ring and we planned to get married after a few months. We married last 7th of February 2007. I am happy that I meet my wife here and we end up in marriage.

I am thankful for this website. Its a great help for those who are truly seeking their eternal companion. God Speed The Right!!!

Scouse & Aneworlds

aneworlds & scouse

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