Sweet sweet Rose

Querida and have been together for two years now and been engaged for a year past September. I love her so very much with all my heart. It has been an awesome experience, I have visa interview April 2 and we have set a temple date for June 8 at the Detroit temple. I look forward to the day when I can be sealed for time and all eternity to my sweet rose. We have had obstacles on the way, but through our faith in each other and in the gospel Jesus Christ, we have been overcoming them. Robin is a very special lass, one I feel honoured and humbled and blessed to call sweetheart, eternal mate to be. This does work only if you let your heart follow the promptings of the holty ghost. Never be afraid to follow the councel of the priesthood. Robin has inspired to use my priesthood many times, I feel thankfull for the things she teaches me daily. In fact a year ago past Christmas Robin saved my life and I will be forever debted to my sweet sweet rose. I love you baby. So this is a success story that no matter where you are it can be overcome if you do what is right and let the consequence follow. god speed highlandlad36 and querida

Her story:
Ok now that you have read Highlandlad36's version of our love affair, I will update with mine. It has been a long two years with 5000 miles between us. We have had many challenges but the strength and blessings that have come are thousand fold in comparison. With just 77 days until we enter the Temple to be sealed, John and I feel deeply indebted to Mingle for the great service this provides for those of us who don't live in highly populated LDS communities. The front of our wedding invitation is a Castle with the saying that Dreams do come true. Well John and I are a testimonial that dreams do come true and prayers are answered. I'm very thankful that John and I have had the past two years to get to know one another and know with certainty that we are right for each other. WIth prayer at the top of our list, we have made sure that we keep our covenants sacred and look forward to building an eternity together. If John gets his way, we'll be starting a family before years end. Good luck to all of those that are earnestly seeking their eternal companion. Keep them in your prayers. Be patient and in tune to the Spirit. Remember the Lord has the right person for you. Trust in Him. Council with Him. Be the companion you wish to have. Be open to who the Lord has in mind for you and your dreams will come true as well. Best wishes. John and Robin

highlandlad36 & querida

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