Proud parents of 12

Lance and I met in the chatroom and spent the first few weeks talking as friends about those we were 'phone dating' from the site and how we both sort of felt out of the loop since we lived so far from the Utah/Idaho/California nucleus. Everyone seemed to know each other in person and then there was us. When we looked at the map and realized we were probably closer to one another than we were to anyone else on the site, we chatted about getting together sometime to do something - as friends. For the next 4 days we spent every moment online together with our webcams and headphones by the end of day 3 we both knew it was serious. Lance arrived 2 weeks later with an engagement ring and a proposal. We had both prayed and had an overwhelming knowledge that this relationship was meant to be. Admittedly, we really didn't know each other well enough to get engaged so soon, but we knew it was right then and have never regretted it. We married 2 weeks later in a private ceremony and have grown so deeply in love with one another that we can't imagine ever facing life without one another. We are now the proud parents of 12 (only in a Mormon family could that happen) and are happier than we have ever been in our lives.
Thank you, Mingle, for bringing us together.


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