Poor guy had his work cut out for him!

I want to start with that it took me about five years to find my husband. It wasn't easy being patient, but it paid off. There are a lot of people who want the quick fixes. Mine wasn't and if I had to do it again I wouldn't change the waiting. I learned so much from other members. I still am in touch with friends that I met through the boards.

My husband (user name donalds) pursued me. I was reluctant to find someone. I had actually made the decision to not date anymore, but make friends until the children were older. I had decided to only look for guys closer to home as I could actually see them more often and could get to know them and meet people who knew them personally. I wasn't taking this lightly.

Don had tried to chat with me on many occasions, but I was distant and kept it pretty cool. I really wanted to take my time getting to know someone. We both chose to date people who lived closer...distance wasn't an option...we had both been there and seen the pitfalls in dating someone who lived a plane flight or a long drive away.

What is so funny is that we had both been to a Singles New Years dinner and dance and didn't even see each other. Don was persistant...he didn't let my coolness stop him. After a while, I decided since I knew someone who lived where he did...I would call this friend who I knew would be honest about someone I was interested in. He told me he was a good guy. I believe because of this friend's honesty...I decided to date Don. Don and I went out for lunch on a break from work...from then on we spent every hour we could together. We became of the best of friends and still are the best of friends.

I have not been disappointed in my decision. He is a great husband and father. He doesn't take me for granted. I'm not saying it's a fairytale...because I don't believe in Happily Ever Afters...to me that is not realistic...What I believe is in my marriage where two people work at making a Happily Ever After.

Thanks Sara for your site and making it available. I truly believe it is one of the best single sites for LDS people that I have been a member of. I recommend it to single members all the time. I have met many wonderful friends and say to those still looking...don't give up hope. I believe there is someone for everyone. Look at it like a treasure hunt...don't stop until you find the treasure. The most important thing is to have patience and not to lose hope. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the friendships you make. Also, I know it's a single site and we are looking for our perfect match...if you have opportunties to make a friend...be one. Thanks to the friends I met on LDS Mingle, I was able to endure some pretty rough times because of them and they have said the same in return.


Christine (Chritine)

Chritine & Donalds

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