Our love for each other has Blossomed

Well I met Danette her on LDS Mingle. On our first date I picked her up and we went to eat out at Bucca Di Peppo in Salt Lake City and then following that we went to Bountiful Bowl and we bowled for 2 games. Then, I took her home and dropped her off. The next night we went to the Simpson's movie and I think we went out to eat after that then I dropped her off. Then the next week I was way busy at work and did not see Danette till Friday and she invited me over for dinner so me being so romantic bought her some Flowers and she loved them. Then on Sunday I invited her over to meet my family for Sunday dinner she had no idea she would be meeting my whole family; the Married ones included and my Grandparent. She thought she was only meeting the family members that lived there but I told her on the way. So we had dinner that night and the dessert was spoiled so I invited her over the next evening for dessert. Then, after, we went up to the temple and we walked and talked and did a few other things and I told her I love Her. Then the following evening she cooked me some dinner and we watched Napolian Dynamite which I had never seen. The next night I was back and we watched Nacho Libre which I had not seen and that night while we were cuddling on the couch and we were talking about being with each other forever and she asked me what forever meant and I said Eternity and we decided to get married on October 19th. Well Our love for each other has Blossomed since then and will continue and today is October 19th the big day we are getting married.

Thnaks LDS Mingle for all your help.

Nathan and Danette


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