Now thinking to marry

Amy (Maddam_butterfly) and me (cristivalenzuela) started to talk since May 12 2007, she came to meet with me, and we are now thinking to marry next year, probably in August 8, 2008, and she will start now the paperwork to go for marry in Mesa, Arizona temple.

Thank you so much for make possible our relationship.

Cristian and Amy

Her story:
Thank you so much mingle!! After nearly seven months of communicating with my Cristian, we have finally met and are so happy! We hope to be married next August in Arizona, and life couldn't be better! We would have never met without the help of this website and the hand of the Lord in our lives. We are forever grateful.

Thank you once again!

maddam_butterfly and cristivalenzuela
Amy & Cristian

cristivalenzuela & Maddam_butterfly

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