Met exactly one year ago.

I first met Two2iris (Anne) here exactly one year ago. We emailed for a couple of days, then since we lived not too far from each other we called, talked a couple of times and then met at a park where we chatted for hours, ate chocolate ice cream and watched the sunset.

We hit it off from the beginning and last month on June 23 we were married.
She is a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out, a sincere and caring woman with lots of energy and a great positive attitude toward everything. Not to mention her wonderful sense of humor and just generally being a fun person to be with.

I would like to thank LDSMingle for helping us meet and for allowing us to start what has become a wonderful life together.

We had a short honeymoon last month but will be leaving for NYC the first of August to spend time with her family and see the sights and of course continue our honeymoon.

Good luck to you all!!!
selmann (Les)

selmann & Two2iris

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