Love hit us so fast.

I had just been out of a relationship for a month and I got back on mingle to get back in touch with all of my old friends from mingles chat. I wasn't looking for anything at all, and wanted to just be single for a while. About a week into being back on, I looked at a cubsof89's profile. I didn't like something he said on there, and I messaged him to tell him lol. Well I never got a chance to. Apparently he had been waiting and hoping that I would message him, and had me laughing from his first sentance to me. We talked for hours that night, and for the next few days we talked almost non stop. He was then bold enough to ask me to meet him just a week after we had started talking. He drove over three hours just to meet me and drove back the same night. From our first date we both knew that it was just ment to be. Love hit us so fast it was unbelievable. There have been so many things that have shown us that we are ment to be together. On March 1st he asked me to marry him. He made a slide show on dvd set to music. God Blessed the Broken Road. We are both divorced and have little boys. He has 3 and I have 2. They are all very close in age and call each other their best friends. We are looking forward to having an eternal family. The date is set for June 23rd. Thanks so much mingles!!!

prettymommyof2 and cubsof89

PrettyMommyTo2 & cubsof89

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