I thought you'd all like to know that you have another success story. Alderaniandad2X and I met through your site with a smile on 11/13/06. He tells me I was a 100% match for him, and he turns out to be my soulmate. After nealy 15 years of being a single mom I never imagined there would be a perfect person for me. When you consider that we were both encouraged into this by our adult children, and we are both in our 60's, it's quite surreal, and yes, our children are astonished.

We were married by "our" Bishop on 04/14/07, and are looking forward to our Temple sealing at a time when all of our children who have recommends can be with us.

Our combined total of 10( 9 living) children are scattered around the world and hopefully will all be in one place within the next year. What an incredible and short journey this has been...We are thrilled to be Mr and Mrs., and look forward to many many years of joy and service together.

Thanks LDSMINGLE...... Ann and Kim

Happy5 & Alderaniandad2X

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