Imposible is NOTHING

My username was loretitocaritadeangel, but my name is Loreto, his usrename was Tingster, and his name is Stephen. We got married 9 months after we met each other at LDSMINGLE. He went to Chile, (I'm from Chile) 3 months after we meet us. He asked me to married him in Chile, and I says yes. It was awesome. After that He returned to the US and began to prepare everything for the wedding, and etc. We got sealed in the Bountiful Temple January 27 of 2006. It's was wonderful, We really love each other. In the beginning it was really hard to be in love and to be so far from each other, we needed a lot of patience, and hope, and be willing to wait until we be together again. On May 31 of 2007, two years after we met, was born our little daugther, and this is really beautiful, and special, because we love each other, and we have hope in to be together forever as an eternal family.

With love, Loreto, Stephen and Megan.

imposible is NOTHING

loretitocaritadeangel & Tingster

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