Mont (Gentlewind) and I (sirenarose) first met in February of this year when I spotted his profile on your website. I really liked what he wrote in his profile because he was looking for the same thing I was. Then I clicked onto
his photos. I was pretty impressed with his words but pleasantly surprised that he was so handsome as well. What a bonus!
We both live in Utah but he's in St. George and I'm in Layton which is 4-5 hours away so I didn't think it would develop into anything serious because he was a bit far away.
I sent him a smile anyway and he responded with an email. We began a long-distance relationship via your website. Shortly after that, I gave him
my phone number and we spoke daily for a couple of weeks. Then he decided it was time for him to come up and meet in person. He came and stayed in a hotel near my home. We spent a wonderful weekend together. It didn't take us long to realize that there was something very unique and special between us. Not to mention the chemistry. It was amazing! For me, it was a feeling that I knew him all my life, perhaps longer! He took a bit longer to come around,
but later realized that he was in denial of what was happening.
We began seeing each other once a month, then every three weeks, then every other week. Now, we are hardly apart longer than a week at a time. I go to St. George for two weeks, then he brings me home and stays with me for as
long as he is able, usually 3-4 days at a time.
We have now made a mutual decision to become exclusive and are currently making plans to be married. We've started looking for a place for me to rent in St. George because we are finding it very difficult to be apart now. I
hope to be relocated before winter hits. Our goal is to be married within a year.
We've been through a lot together in the short time we've known each other, and have developed a strong bond. Our only regret is that we didn't meet a lot sooner. We have both come to understand that this relationship of ours
was truly meant to be. In seven months, we've developed what it takes most couples many years to develop.
My family loves him and his family feels the same about me. My grandchildren absolutely adore him. So we're confident that the transition of coupling our families together will work out wonderfully. I have never met anyone who is
so much like me and understands me the way he does. And I know and understand him the same way. We both agree that our special relationship
will be everlasting.
We would like to thank LDSMingle for providing us with the opportunity to meet. I believe somehow we would have met anyway, but your website made it
much easier!

***Updated 7/14/08***
We were married on June 4th. We had a nice, quiet little ceremony here at our home in St. George. Then we went to Northern California for a nice honeymoon of fun and relaxation.

Life is wonderful now. Mont and I are so grateful for your website and how it brought us together. The funny thing is that Mont never took "website dating" serious. He just thought it would be fun entertainment while he looked forward to meeting "the love of his life" in the traditional manner.
He laughed when I pointed out that he did in fact meet the love of his life on your website. So now I have something to always tease him about.
Our hope is that many others out there, will be able to find someone special on your website, as we did. We don't doubt it though, because we both met some very wonderful and special people along the way.

Rose aka/SIRENAROSE and Mont aka /GENTLEWIND

Sirenarose & GENTLEWIND

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