I sent a silly message

April of 2005 I (Charssmile) send a silly message to Justjason about a picture that he had, a Burger King crown with Sponge Bob and Patrick on it and that's how it all started. May 2005 he moved to Salt Lake City from Jacksonville Florida. We talked on and off but nothing serious then I asked him to spend Christmas with my family in Provo at My sisters house. Well those five days that we spent together changed our lives forever. We fell in love and with in a month and a half we where engaged and September 23, 2006 we where married in the Redlands Temple and I have never been so happy in my life. We have been married for 5 months and we are doing great. You never know what might happen by sending someone a little note.

With love,

Charleena & Justjason

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