I had known him from the pre-existence

This is a story of how two people from totally different worlds met because someone created a website just for that reason. This is sweetest_one's and eternalmate32's story of true love. It was 3 am and neither of us could sleep. Sweetest_one had been restless all night and given up on love, and eternalmate32 was directed by his bishop that he may not find his wife in texas and he mentioned the internet. Eternalmate32 had already tried mingle before but to no avail; however on this one magical night, it was our time to meet. We met in general chat, eternalmate32 was writing a bit but reading more. He kept seeing "whisper" and wondered what it was, so he asked anyone. Sweetest_one was curious about this guy, so she glanced at his temple status and she thought he was like every other guy I've met online. But this time the spirit directed me in another way, so I looked and read his entire profile, I found him very interesting and decided to respond to his question about "whisper". That's how this all began, the very next night we were on the phone chatting for hours. Neither of us wanted to get off the phone, I had never had any guy make me laugh so much. I was impressed that I had known him from somewhere but couldn't figure it out. By the end of the night I knew where we had met. The phone conversations kept going for about two weeks before I told him where I knew him from. Without going into every detail, I knew that I had known him from the pre-existence, I know that doesn't happen very often. Two weeks later we were on the phone and he knew that he had to come here to Arizona and meet me and learn about me and my family. We had the best two weeks of my life. He arrived on Friday, on Saturday I saw the look in his eyes but he was afraid to say anything. By Sunday he told me what he knew too and that he was going to fast about everything. Oh, and he wanted to read scriptures and pray every night since our phone conversations began. I had always wanted that from a guy, what bliss I was in. Only half his visit was over and we were already ring shopping. To make a long story short he is now living here in Arizona, and we are getting married on Oct. 20th and have plans to be sealed for time and all eternity one year later in the beautiful and glorious Salt Lake Temple. I wish everyone on mingle or anywhere in life will find the one like I have. Never give up hope and know that your true love is out there, being prepared to meet you. Even if it takes four years to get there, it did me and he is so worth the wait. I love him with all my heart and soul and he loves me for eternity.

sweetest_one & eternalmate32

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