I broadened my search

Clickworthy and heresheis are getting married! We met on ldsmingle on August 17, 2006. For three months we talked on the phone a couple of times a week and were meeting other people at the same time. After trying to plan a time to meet we were finally successful when Clickworthy came to Utah to meet me on November 17, 2006. He spent a week with me just before Thanksgiving. It was the most wonderful week for both of us. We decided in that week that we wanted to be exclusive and make it work even with the distance as an issue. We have continued to see each other regularly even though we are 700 miles apart. On April 17, 2007 Clickworthy took me to Dana Point in California and while overlooking the ocean he asked me to marry him. It was the most romantic and beautiful day of our lives! We will be sealed in the temple in June.

To all those who are discouraged and want to give up I would tell that it's okay to do so. I did. I gave up and decided to just look for great friends who truly love the Lord and the gospel so I broadened my search and met Clickworthy. We both feel so truly blessed to have found each other and look forward to sharing eternity together. Best Wishes to everyone! Thank you!

Clickworthy and Heresheis

heresheis & Clickworthy

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