I am grateful he came into my life when he did.

I remember when I first meet Derek (a recent mingle member)on LDS Mingle. My friend who is a member on mingle started to talk to him and realized that he was not her type. She thought I was his type. So on Jan. 1,2007, just after midnight CST, we started talking online and getting to know each other. There was just something different about him than any guy I had ever met before. After the first night of talking, we exchanged numbers, it took us about two weeks to start talking on the phone.

We didn’t start dating until about Jan. 15, 2007 because I decided it was time to call it off with a non-member who kept calling breaks in the relationship. Derek understood the situation and was very patient with it until I did what I had to do. By the 15th we were dating!

After I broke-it up with my ex., my relationship with Derek started moving fast telling each other, "I love you", etc. Within a few days we were having “couples prayers” over the phone and reading the scriptures together. And within a week of dating, he was making plans to come and see me at spring break.

Even though we were miles apart, we were growing together. He was teaching me so much and bringing me closer to the Lord. He made a real difference in my life.

In March I flew home from school to my parent’s house in Texas and he flew from his parents house in Utah to see me at spring break. That was a wonderful week; one full of many memories.

We knew by the end of the week that we were going to get married. He even had called me future Mrs. McGee. I was speechless. I never thought someone would love me that much.

I had mentioned to him that week that we needed to write LDSmingle.com, and tell our success story, but we decided to wait a while until things got closer to send our story.

At then end of the week, he went back home and I went back to school. Eleven days later, I receive a call from his sister saying that Derek had been killed in a car crash.(On March 29, 2007). I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. I went out to Utah for his funeral meeting his parents and the rest of his family for the first time in person.

His family knew that he was going to ask me to marry him because his family told me he was showing them different engagement rings to get their opinions on them.

Being a member of LDS Mingle for 3 years, I will say Derek is the first person from that website that I have meet in person. I am grateful to the site for helping me meet him. And even though now he is the spirit world, I am grateful he came into my life when he did.

Thank-you LDSmingle for helping me see what was important in my life...allowing me to meet Derek and the many other Minglers I have meet on the message boards and chat rooms!

Brittspickett & Derek

brittspickett & Derek

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