He was everything I expected and more.

One day aj26(Aaron) was looking through the LDS Mingle profiles and one caught his eyes,so he sent me a flirt in July/02/05 and I replied with one the next day. We started to send many flirts back and forth for the first month or so then it turned in to emails and e-cards, we sent many gifts by mail too.
One day he asked for my phone number and he called me, it was so wonderful to hear each other voices. He made many phone calls, the more we talked the more we felt in love. After many months of phone calls and text messages, we decided to meet. He got a plane ticket and came to Peru on Feb/12/06, it was good to meet him in person. He was everything I expected and more. We continued to talk to each other until he asked if I´d like to marry with him. We got married in Peru on Sept/16/06.
We talk every day. He is so wonderful to me.
Thank you so much LDS Mingle and Our Heavenly Father for helping us to find each other: as Eternal Family.
God bless you so much,
Sweet_heart( Pilar) & Aj26 (Aaron)

sweet_heart & aj26

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