He makes me laugh

I started talking to "montanor" on this site about a year ago and we became friends. I dated other people (in my own area; I'm in Texas and he's in Montana... a world away). We lost touch for a while. Then I got back on LDS Mingle and there he was again. We've spoken nearly every day since February, and my days have been brighter for it. We finally met a couple weeks ago and I fell hard and fast for him. What a match! He is the most amazing person I've ever dated. He holds true to his faith in our Savior. He makes me laugh. He's genuinely compassionate. I can't get enough of his company.
I really liked the way this site used a preferences as well as COLOR CODE! I have figured out that I can get along well with whites or blues and can stand being around other yellows (I'm yellow), but that red personalities and I don't mix. I found such a great guy. Our paths would have probably never crossed had it not been for this site. Thank you.


yellow_hearts & montanor

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