He is my best friend

I will make this quick:

In February of 2006 Simon and I first got in contact. I thought he was "dashing" and quite the epitome of an attractive well-kempt man.
After a few weeks of chatting, we decided we wanted to meet each other. The thing was, I was living in Utah and Simon was from England. So, Simon flew to see me on April 13th, and spent 2 weeks with me as we traveled the country. We decided all the feelings we had been having that "this is the one" were just stronger and validated.

In July I visited Simon in England and we were engaged on July 8th. We spent two weeks travelling England.

In October Simon came to visit me, this time for three months, as we really got to know each other. We were still waiting for his fiance visa as he was relocating to live in the US with me.

After his three months here, I went to England again for a month to be with him in March of 2007. We had never been so poor and strapped for money but also so happy.

Finally in March we got his visa at the London Embassy and on April 21st, 2007 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Now we live in St. George and plan to continue to move around the country and find our niche.

He is my best friend, and we always say "I wonder what would have happened if you never got online and...."


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