Fell in love

I met my soon to be husband on LDS Mingle in January 2007. I had been a member of Mingle for about two years when I got an e-card from Greg. He asked if I would like to go for a picnic on his motorcycle. He owns motorcycles and so do I. We started talking on the phone and emailing almost everyday within a couple of weeks. He is from Alabama and my address was listed as Georgia so he thought that I was not too far from him. At the time I was working temporarily in California. We finally got to meet in person on Memorial Weekend when he flew to San Francisco to meet me. It was like at first sight. We spent several days visiting where he had grown up and meeting his old high school friends. I came back to Georgia in June and we started to see each other every weekend and eventually fell in love. We are parents to grown children and between us we have 18, soon to be 19 grandchildren. I am very thankful for this site to help us meet. He is a widower and I am a widow. It is so wonderful to be in love again. Our wedding will be on November 24, 2007. Liferich(Vida Reich) and Greg. Thanks again Mingle.


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