Better than we both dreamed it would be

Of course we would want to share our story. Sggirbt and I were married in Las Vegas on June 2, 2007. I had been on Mingle for three years and he about a year. I was widowed in 2001 and he lost his wife in 2004. We were both busy with travel and I with work and had just had casual conversations but I found him very much a gentleman and a devoted and active father. I can't say what it was that made him interesting, whether it was his humble straight forwardness, or his kind voice. I just knew he was worth meeting. He came to Las Vegas and I knew after the first three days that we were together that we had good potential and although he seems shy, we seemed to be able to communicate on many different levels. We both work hard and are very active. We love travel by car and I liked his driving which says a lot as I can be critical.

He fit the criteria that met my physical comfort zone. He brought the perfect getting to know you gift for our first date. Would you believe a loaf of homemade wheat bread, he grinds his own wheat and makes it the old fashioned way. Then to top it off a bag of some pretty amazing cookies. We dated a few times, and then he met my daughter and I met his daughter and they both approved. We do have more children, but those were the ones who were asked to critique the relationship. My daughter because she knows my heart, and his daughter because she is tough enough to tell it like she sees it. He had already proposed (on bended knee) and I had said yes, but the date was pretty much still open. The second day after his daughter met me her husband told me, "By the way, your wedding date is June 2, at 3:00 PM." I laughed and then said, "All right, that works for me!" The rest is history. I believe in small weddings, but that wasn't to be. We were married in my ward chapel by my bishop, as lots of the people who were coming were not of our faith. We had 90 people there. His 86 year old brother was his best man, and my 88 year old Aunt was my Matron of Honor and four of our granddaughters accepted to be bridesmaids. Three of his grandsons stood up with the best man. The wonderful thing is that it is better than we both dreamed it would be for both of us.

I relocated which is something that was important for him. I bet between us we probably will never need to buy a tool, which we both use lots of and often. We are both full of ambition and ideas and now we have someone to share the joy of doing things again. He is busy getting the lawn planted again and soon I will be building my welding shop on the back lot. Our compatibility is far beyond anything we had dreamed! We did get to have a wonderful week running around coast of California and walking on the beach and sharing each others families. We are so happy being together and it doesn't seem possible that we just were married a 6 weeks ago. Life is good and we are ready to make the most of it. Mingle gave us both the opportunity to meet different people and to look for the person who put the spark back in living and we found each other. I am very grateful for the opportunity that being on Mingle gave me to have a place I could express my believes, explore new thoughts, and share in the wonderful variety of personalities. Everyone who shares here brings such a full spectrum of experience to the boards. To see the sincerity and love that is shared is heart warming and humbling and I loved every time I was able to visit the site.

We are planning to have a "for time only" sealing ceramony in one of the near by Temples in the future. Since we were both sealed to our previous mates we didn't choose to change that and were both content to enjoy our relationship in the here and now of our mortal lives and choose to live in gratitude and joy, sharing the most precious gift, the bonus days of our lives. We attend church regular and live our faith. He brings the anchor to my life as the priesthood holder in our home, and has a wonderfully loving nature that has me feeling more secure than I have ever felt before.

Thanks, Whitecloud

whitecloud & Sggirbt

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