Success Stories: 2007

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We have so much fun together

I have been on these sites for a long time and I finally met my match. And I am 31, so just in time to move on to the family ward! Ben and I are so in love! I am moving from Seattle to Portland for him and he is moving from Corvallis to Portland to be with me. We have so much fun together! It is great to have finally found someone that brings me peace and happiness.


My days here draw nigh

My heart has been captured by twoeagls who is soaring. From the first moment I heard his voice I knew I was in love with him. Two star crossed lovers from opposite sides of the world meeting as one. I am so very glad that my friend Zaritsa(a former LDS Mingle member) never gave up on me and brought me here kicking and screaming. Now my days here draw nigh, I look forward to new adventures. As his Australian heart melts with mine here in Florida. We will soon be married in the Temple of the Lord, building a foundation upon the cornerstone founded here. Through Mingle, twoeagls and ladylotte, grew closer and our love has grown stronger. I look forward to seeing the world with the eyes of eagls.

LadyLotte & twoeagls

Proud parents of 12

Lance and I met in the chatroom and spent the first few weeks talking as friends about those we were 'phone dating' from the site and how we both sort of felt out of the loop since we lived so far from the Utah/Idaho/California nucleus. Everyone seemed to know each other in person and then there was us. When we looked at the map and realized we were probably closer to one another than we were to anyone else on the site, we chatted about getting together sometime to do something - as friends. For the next 4 days we spent every moment online together with our webcams and headphones by the end of day 3 we both knew it was serious. Lance arrived 2 weeks later with an engagement ring and a proposal. We had both prayed and had an overwhelming knowledge that this relationship was meant to be. Admittedly, we really didn't know each other well enough to get engaged so soon, but we knew it was right then and have never regretted it. We married 2 weeks later in a private ceremony and have grown so deeply in love with one another that we can't imagine ever facing life without one another. We are now the proud parents of 12 (only in a Mormon family could that happen) and are happier than we have ever been in our lives.
Thank you, Mingle, for bringing us together.


Just dating for now

I am not going to name names still, it's a personal, private matter. Simple fact is that we both have an open mind and have moved beyond all the hardships we have been through. I met her here, but I got to know her on my own. We have had probably what most people would call one of the hottest romances ever. We have dated very slowly, and gradually got to know each other and are falling very much for each other. Yeah mind you it's just dating for now, but I am sure in the long run it will lead to more. Best of luck, bryan (aka bikerdude)


Wonderful for now and all eternity

We both had been single for about 5 years and just hadn't found the "right" person for us. We started chatting about 8 months ago and there was an instant friendship, which eventually progressed to love and then marriage. I'm getting married today and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found such an fabulous man. He's gospel centered, kind, sensitive, smart, loving, funny, and all around a GREAT person. He will be a wonderful husband for now and all eternity.

Thank you LDS Mingle!


I have found My eternal companion.

I am truly grateful to the Lord for putting this beautiful young woman into my life. She is everything I had ever hoped for, and more. If the Lord just blessed us with what we deserved I would not have found this woman. Do not get discouraged it only took me 33 years to find.

Her story:

Thank you so much LDS Mingle for being an instrument in the Lord's hands to meet a wonderful man whom I would probably not allow to be a single for the rest of his life.

He first sent me a little innocent flirt and we hit it off instantly! We write long e-mails every single day, and communicate through the IM/phone. We would both rush home and check online constantly just to read the message that was waiting for us.

Right now, I enjoy getting to know more about him and I wish to continuously grow with him. We are falling in love with each other and I can say that there is a depth to our relationship that I only dreamed about before.

We are making some plans for our marriage. We have not set a date yet but we are both working on that now in prayers. My friends and family are very supportive of this marriage even though the relationship has progressed rather quickly.

Good luck to all of you who are still in search of your soul mate!


The time is now

I met outdoordad about three years ago on another site, It was shortly after we both were divorced. He was so perfect for me and I wanted to meet and he thought it was to0 soon. I think that made him nervous and I didn't hear from him again until we both came on to ldsmingle about the same time. He contacted me first, not realizing I was the same person. I knew him because he had the same screen name. Again we hit it off, we talked for a while both on the phone and here, and we finally met. We discovered that we were perfect for each other. He is the best thing that has happened to me. I think things happen for a reason and when we talked 3 years ago, it wasn't the right time. I'm just glad the time is now. We will be married sometime in August of this year.
Thanks for matching me up with the perfect guy.

sillyboysgirlshunt2 & outdoordad

It just felt right.

Suli and Islandgirl07 first started emailing in 2/07, chatting a month later and talking on the phone a month after that. We really hit it off. I made plans to vacation in the South Pacific and to finally meet up w/Suli in Fiji for the 1st time. It was only the 3rd night in Fiji where we went to the Fiji Temple for a session and he proposed to me during dinner at a beautiful restaurant called the LIGHTHOUSE and of course I accepted, it just felt right. We are very happy and look fwd. to a life together and wish everyone here the best of luck in finding that ETERNAL one!! Don't give up - continue to have faith and be open minded. Who would have thought, a girl from California would meet a guy from Fiji and the rest is history. Enjoy!!

IslandGirl07 & Suli

He makes me laugh

I started talking to "montanor" on this site about a year ago and we became friends. I dated other people (in my own area; I'm in Texas and he's in Montana... a world away). We lost touch for a while. Then I got back on LDS Mingle and there he was again. We've spoken nearly every day since February, and my days have been brighter for it. We finally met a couple weeks ago and I fell hard and fast for him. What a match! He is the most amazing person I've ever dated. He holds true to his faith in our Savior. He makes me laugh. He's genuinely compassionate. I can't get enough of his company.
I really liked the way this site used a preferences as well as COLOR CODE! I have figured out that I can get along well with whites or blues and can stand being around other yellows (I'm yellow), but that red personalities and I don't mix. I found such a great guy. Our paths would have probably never crossed had it not been for this site. Thank you.


yellow_hearts & montanor

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