Success Stories: 2007

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Now thinking to marry

Amy (Maddam_butterfly) and me (cristivalenzuela) started to talk since May 12 2007, she came to meet with me, and we are now thinking to marry next year, probably in August 8, 2008, and she will start now the paperwork to go for marry in Mesa, Arizona temple.

Thank you so much for make possible our relationship.

Cristian and Amy

Her story:
Thank you so much mingle!! After nearly seven months of communicating with my Cristian, we have finally met and are so happy! We hope to be married next August in Arizona, and life couldn't be better! We would have never met without the help of this website and the hand of the Lord in our lives. We are forever grateful.

Thank you once again!

maddam_butterfly and cristivalenzuela
Amy & Cristian

cristivalenzuela & Maddam_butterfly

A great courtship

Well, it finally happened. Around May of 2006 I met a very active relief society president on Mingle. She believed in the gospel strongly as I do. That's important to me. At first I didn't think we would be more than friends. You see, I am legally blind and can't drive. She lives in Washington state and I in Idaho. I thought the chances of us meeting weren't very good. We began to "date". We would call each other every evening. It was a great courtship getting to know each other. Soon in April she came for a visit. I visited her in July and we made wedding plans. Now we thank HF for our meeting on your site. We were married Sept. 25th. She is so good to me. I haven't been treated like this for alot of years. I love her very much and our relationship grows with everyday. Thank you for your help in finding this wonderful person. God bless. wright303.


Keep searching and you will find...

We met on the 9th of October, 2007 online and agreed to meet on the morning of the 13th of October in a public place. Both of us had had a string of bad luck and were about to abandon any hope that love could be found online. We had an instant connection and by that afternoon we began meeting parents. By 5pm on the 14th we were discussing dates for a wedding and have decided on the 15th of March to be our wedding day at the Oakland Temple. Keep searching and you will find...


Our love for each other has Blossomed

Well I met Danette her on LDS Mingle. On our first date I picked her up and we went to eat out at Bucca Di Peppo in Salt Lake City and then following that we went to Bountiful Bowl and we bowled for 2 games. Then, I took her home and dropped her off. The next night we went to the Simpson's movie and I think we went out to eat after that then I dropped her off. Then the next week I was way busy at work and did not see Danette till Friday and she invited me over for dinner so me being so romantic bought her some Flowers and she loved them. Then on Sunday I invited her over to meet my family for Sunday dinner she had no idea she would be meeting my whole family; the Married ones included and my Grandparent. She thought she was only meeting the family members that lived there but I told her on the way. So we had dinner that night and the dessert was spoiled so I invited her over the next evening for dessert. Then, after, we went up to the temple and we walked and talked and did a few other things and I told her I love Her. Then the following evening she cooked me some dinner and we watched Napolian Dynamite which I had never seen. The next night I was back and we watched Nacho Libre which I had not seen and that night while we were cuddling on the couch and we were talking about being with each other forever and she asked me what forever meant and I said Eternity and we decided to get married on October 19th. Well Our love for each other has Blossomed since then and will continue and today is October 19th the big day we are getting married.

Thnaks LDS Mingle for all your help.

Nathan and Danette


We are extremely happy

Out of a joke in my shop at work, I got on to this site. Within two days I began to chat with this girl on here. She had just gotten all set up on here that day that we started talking and we just hit it off. We continued to talk through emails while I was deployed for 4 months and wedding plans began to come up in our emails. They began to get closer and closer to Christmas of 2006. We met in the airport face to face and were married 9 days later. we don't recommend that to anyone but it worked for us. We are extremely happy and have a very strong relationship. We thank LDS mingle for the medium provided that allowed us to meet and get to know everything about each other :)


We hit it right off

You gotta watch this online stuff because you just may bump into the right one! I was minding my own business last April, chattin' with my mingle buddies (muddies?) and this big brawny dude wants to IM. In the past I've pretty much ignored IMers, especially in the evening... I mean get on chat and socialize why don't cha! But I checked out his profile and thought--oh wow!! So I decided to accept and IM this guy for a bit. We hit it right off and met a week later. We just got married on 9/29/07. He hates telling people we met online! I always thought Mingle was a great way to socialize when I lived outside of Utah and even better way of finding local single men when I moved back to Utah. I've met a lot of really great guys on Mingle but never imagined I'd meet the man of my dreams here.


I had known him from the pre-existence

This is a story of how two people from totally different worlds met because someone created a website just for that reason. This is sweetest_one's and eternalmate32's story of true love. It was 3 am and neither of us could sleep. Sweetest_one had been restless all night and given up on love, and eternalmate32 was directed by his bishop that he may not find his wife in texas and he mentioned the internet. Eternalmate32 had already tried mingle before but to no avail; however on this one magical night, it was our time to meet. We met in general chat, eternalmate32 was writing a bit but reading more. He kept seeing "whisper" and wondered what it was, so he asked anyone. Sweetest_one was curious about this guy, so she glanced at his temple status and she thought he was like every other guy I've met online. But this time the spirit directed me in another way, so I looked and read his entire profile, I found him very interesting and decided to respond to his question about "whisper". That's how this all began, the very next night we were on the phone chatting for hours. Neither of us wanted to get off the phone, I had never had any guy make me laugh so much. I was impressed that I had known him from somewhere but couldn't figure it out. By the end of the night I knew where we had met. The phone conversations kept going for about two weeks before I told him where I knew him from. Without going into every detail, I knew that I had known him from the pre-existence, I know that doesn't happen very often. Two weeks later we were on the phone and he knew that he had to come here to Arizona and meet me and learn about me and my family. We had the best two weeks of my life. He arrived on Friday, on Saturday I saw the look in his eyes but he was afraid to say anything. By Sunday he told me what he knew too and that he was going to fast about everything. Oh, and he wanted to read scriptures and pray every night since our phone conversations began. I had always wanted that from a guy, what bliss I was in. Only half his visit was over and we were already ring shopping. To make a long story short he is now living here in Arizona, and we are getting married on Oct. 20th and have plans to be sealed for time and all eternity one year later in the beautiful and glorious Salt Lake Temple. I wish everyone on mingle or anywhere in life will find the one like I have. Never give up hope and know that your true love is out there, being prepared to meet you. Even if it takes four years to get there, it did me and he is so worth the wait. I love him with all my heart and soul and he loves me for eternity.

sweetest_one & eternalmate32

Can't wait to start our new life together

I met my soul mate here after 2 short weeks. I never thought that I could connect with someone at such an intimate level. We both feel like we have known each other for all our lives, and we can't wait to start our new life together. Thank you for your matching and profiler features. I know it helped me to find my match.


I proposed on July 7th

I met Playallday online on May 27, 2007. At that time she was vacationing with her family in Florida, but she had brought along her laptop to stay in touch with the world.

We messaged every day for the week that she was on vacation. At the end of the week we exchanged phone numbers and started talking and texting several times a day. Our face to face meeting was postponed because she had to go to girl's camp as a leader. She snuck in her cell phone so we could continue to stay in touch. All of the girls and leaders were impressed with my charming and romantic text messages.

The Saturday she got home we arranged a meeting for dinner. In my opinion it was love at first sight. She took a few extra days to decide. Living two and half hours apart, we spent as much time together as possible and we continued to burn up the cell minutes.

I proposed on July 7th and we will be sealed for time and all eternity in the Nashville Temple on October 20th, 2007.

Mingle is the best $15 I have EVER spent. Thank you so much.


JSinKY & Playallday

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