Success Stories: 2007

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It was definitely the Lord's will to bring us together.

Randy (Dupre) and I met on Dec 20, 2006 on LDS Mingle. We talked with each other every day since, sometimes 2-3 times a day (phone). We then made some visits to each other even though we were 1000 miles apart. It was definitely the Lord's will to bring us together. Though we encountered struggles as does every couple, we kept the faith in the Lord and with our prayers and his guidance we were married Oct. 1, 2007. We purchased some land and a house in Georgia and plan to get sealed in the Temple in the spring of 2008.
Randy & Tricia

Tricia07 & Dupre

We both know that we wanted to be with each other for eterni

IT was great! She saw my profile and sent me a smile. I sent her one back of course. We were able to talk on the Mingle Chat and then were able to talk on the phone. After about 2 weeks of great conversations on the phone, we decided to meet and it was great to be with her. After 3 months of being great friends and eventually a serious relationship, we both know that we wanted to be with each other for eternity. She is amazing and everything I have ever hoped for in my life. She never would have found me if I was not a member of this site. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME FIND HER!


Eternal companion

I met a wonderful lady on this site that will be my eternal companion and we are getting married. We wish everyone much happiness and success as you seek your eternal companion. Be faithful in keeping the Lord's commandments and He will bless you...


I am grateful he came into my life when he did.

I remember when I first meet Derek (a recent mingle member)on LDS Mingle. My friend who is a member on mingle started to talk to him and realized that he was not her type. She thought I was his type. So on Jan. 1,2007, just after midnight CST, we started talking online and getting to know each other. There was just something different about him than any guy I had ever met before. After the first night of talking, we exchanged numbers, it took us about two weeks to start talking on the phone.

We didn’t start dating until about Jan. 15, 2007 because I decided it was time to call it off with a non-member who kept calling breaks in the relationship. Derek understood the situation and was very patient with it until I did what I had to do. By the 15th we were dating!

After I broke-it up with my ex., my relationship with Derek started moving fast telling each other, "I love you", etc. Within a few days we were having “couples prayers” over the phone and reading the scriptures together. And within a week of dating, he was making plans to come and see me at spring break.

Even though we were miles apart, we were growing together. He was teaching me so much and bringing me closer to the Lord. He made a real difference in my life.

In March I flew home from school to my parent’s house in Texas and he flew from his parents house in Utah to see me at spring break. That was a wonderful week; one full of many memories.

We knew by the end of the week that we were going to get married. He even had called me future Mrs. McGee. I was speechless. I never thought someone would love me that much.

I had mentioned to him that week that we needed to write, and tell our success story, but we decided to wait a while until things got closer to send our story.

At then end of the week, he went back home and I went back to school. Eleven days later, I receive a call from his sister saying that Derek had been killed in a car crash.(On March 29, 2007). I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. I went out to Utah for his funeral meeting his parents and the rest of his family for the first time in person.

His family knew that he was going to ask me to marry him because his family told me he was showing them different engagement rings to get their opinions on them.

Being a member of LDS Mingle for 3 years, I will say Derek is the first person from that website that I have meet in person. I am grateful to the site for helping me meet him. And even though now he is the spirit world, I am grateful he came into my life when he did.

Thank-you LDSmingle for helping me see what was important in my life...allowing me to meet Derek and the many other Minglers I have meet on the message boards and chat rooms!

Brittspickett & Derek

brittspickett & Derek

We had a great time bantering

I have always been attracted to this person, but at first she would never answer me. Finally, she did and I found out that she was not looking for a relationship and had never spoken to any men through this site. However, she liked my sense of humor right away I loved hers. We had a great time bantering. Then we set up web cams and have been talking for 3 to 5 hours a night for several weeks. She is in Scotland and I'm in St.George. Utah. I am going to the UK in late January for our first physical touch. She is coming to the US and we are getting married in the St.George temple provided she like my hugs.


We never missed a day together

Mr. Right and I met on LDS Mingle in January 2007. We both sent a few flirts and then went our ways. On June 28, 2007, I sent a flirt to Mr. Right and he and I started to IM. Within 10 minutes, I asked him if he would like to go for a walk because he lived 5 minutes away from me. He told me yes and we stayed out until 2:30 a.m. when both of us had to be at work in the morning. From that point on we never missed a day together and then we got married August 31, 2007. We are now expecting our first baby.


A little bit of a shock

I didn't normally get emails from anyone online dating, so when I heard from Nate it was a little bit of a shock. We emailed and phoned for 3 weeks before meeting personally. We dated for a week and a half and were engaged. We were married in the Salt Lake LDS temple on October 19, 2007.


Fell in love

I met my soon to be husband on LDS Mingle in January 2007. I had been a member of Mingle for about two years when I got an e-card from Greg. He asked if I would like to go for a picnic on his motorcycle. He owns motorcycles and so do I. We started talking on the phone and emailing almost everyday within a couple of weeks. He is from Alabama and my address was listed as Georgia so he thought that I was not too far from him. At the time I was working temporarily in California. We finally got to meet in person on Memorial Weekend when he flew to San Francisco to meet me. It was like at first sight. We spent several days visiting where he had grown up and meeting his old high school friends. I came back to Georgia in June and we started to see each other every weekend and eventually fell in love. We are parents to grown children and between us we have 18, soon to be 19 grandchildren. I am very thankful for this site to help us meet. He is a widower and I am a widow. It is so wonderful to be in love again. Our wedding will be on November 24, 2007. Liferich(Vida Reich) and Greg. Thanks again Mingle.


The Spirit told me he was the one

I had been on Mingle for almost 2 yrs. I made a lot of friends and had some very special people in my life, especially from the 50+Chat room. One day during April Conf weekend 2007 I got a smile and responded with a short 2 line note. I didn't get a response immediately, but one day I saw him online and IM'd him. He was all thumbs on the keyboard and 10 minutes later asked if he could phone me. I had never given my number to someone the first time we typed together. BUT, there is always an exception to a rule. We talked for hours that first night. The Spirit told me he was the one......and he got the same confirmation, but we didn't say anything to each other. He asked me out for 3 weeks later. We continued to phone (he's not a great talker, but we managed to talk for hours each time!) He was a widower, and I wasn't sure if his date with me was his first, so I made some fun, casual plans for that day. He arrived, very nervous and wondering how things were going to go. We hugged at the door and it was like the movies....from then on, it was all good. He sat on my couch, a little sheepish and told me I was the one.........I didn't say much then, and just waited to see how the day played out. I am not someone that rushes into anything very quickly. We had such a good time on our date and planned another one for 2 weeks later. He had also dated 5 other women from Mingle in the 3 weeks before our first date. I was his last (and best!). We didn't wait the 2 weeks for the next date ... we saw each other every weekend from then on. (he lived 100 miles from me)

We both 'knew" that our looking was over. He wanted to get married "the sooner the better" but I wanted to let some time pass in order to get to know each other more. It's now only 6 months since our first date, and we've been married 2.5 months!! He's a dear man and I love him so very much. We were married in the Provo Temple. I don't have kids of my own, but now I have 4 grown kids and I'm grandma to 10!!
He was on Mingle for a month before he "Smiled" at me. I miss chatting with all my friends each evening, but now my life has taken on different interests and activities. I am very happy and I know this was the right decision for us.

Best Wishes to everyone,

SundaeSarah and Eagle Sam

llama_mama_sarah & Eagle Sam

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