Success Stories: 2007

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A southern man

I am originally from Missouri, and moved out to Cal two years ago and found this wonderful site. And then found My husband that is from Alabama. I felt that I had to come all this way to meet a southern man. I thought that was fun. We coresponded for a couple of months, and then we talked on the cell phone for many many hours, every night. I first knew him by email. And then I went to Alabama for the week end. And in November he moved out here in California. And we were happily married on Dec. 16 2006. His name is John. We were married in the San Diego Temple. The ceremony was very beutiful. Thank you for everything. Holly


It has been fun.

My fiance and I met on this site because he noticed that I was from his home town. We quickly became friends, but we took our time getting to know each other. We didn't rush into anything and now five years later we know with a certainty that we are in love and that the Lord gives his approval. It has been fun. Thank you.


A wonderful life together.

My fiance and I would like to share our story with you. We met on LDSMingle and are so excited to be getting married in March. We met in August of last year and hit it off immediately. We want to thank you for the wonderful site you provide and the opportunity you provided us to meet and start a wonderful life together. We've both had our own struggles to find the right person. Kimball has been a member of your site for years and I was only on a few weeks when I met him. My mother actually found your site and signed me up without telling me!!! She called and said, "I did something, and you're going to be really mad at me!" I was really apprehensive at first, but then I realized what wonderful people were available and what a medium it was to meet people. Many of the people I met may not have been right for me, but they all still touched my life in different ways that I'm grateful for. And what I'm most grateful for is meeting Kimball. Kimball has prayed and prayed to meet a woman that he can spend the rest of his life with, and for some reason the Lord chose to make him wait for the right time and the right person and I'm so incredibly thankful for that. So I'd like you to check out our wedding website with our pictures and info about ourselves. Perhaps you can share this story with others. I hear almost everyday of the success stories of couples meeting online. It's the dating wave of the future and I'm grateful for it! Thank you.

heartsonfire & AverageJoe

Deeply in Love

I met dallaswatkins3rd on lds mingle about September of 2006. We e-mailed for a little while, sent a few flirts and then met up. We fell deeply in Love and have decided to get married in March of 2007! LDS MINGLE ROCKS (and so does my fiance)!!

ilove2laugh & dallaswatkins3rd

Love of my life

Who would have thought that by paying for ONE MONTH I'd find the love of my life and best friend? Well it happened. I met Andrew in a chatroom in Mid. May of 04...on the LAST DAY of my paid membership. He lived in TN and I lived in CA and had given up on Internet dating AND the possibility of a Long distance relationship, neither of us expected what would happen. We spoke on-line, on the phone and on web cams 'till Sept. 1st '04 when he flew to CA to meet me. We hit it off immediately and joked about running off and getting married, we were totally crazy about each other from the start. We did the Long distance thing for 9 mo. and flew back and forth and KNEW we wanted to be together forever. On June 5th '05 I drove across the country to TN to stay for good. December 29th '06 we were Married.
Thank you LDSmingle. Without this site I never would have met my best friend, Husband and future father of my children....I don't know where I'd be today if I'd never met him, he's made my life complete and loves me like I've always dreamed of being loved. I hope everyone here can find the love, trust,comminication, respect and happiness we have found together.



We are a perfect match

I had seen Crashdt's profile before but I never had the time to look at it in detail. Then one night he IMed me and we talked forever a very long time. He asked for my number and he called me later that night. We started talking all the time. Then started dating and the rest as they say is history! Thank you at LDS mingle for making it possible, we are a perfect match....
Krist & Crashdt

Krist & Crashdt

An answer to my prayers

I just want to thank you folks for your service:~) Only a few days and I met a wonderful woman who I am confident after much prayer and soul searching on both of our parts we already decided we belong together! I have never felt this way about any woman in my life. I have looked around quite a bit over the years. And this woman was simply an answer to my prayers and the woman I have dreamed of all of my life:~) I had received quite a few responses to my profile. But then I saw hers and what an amazing woman! Her handle was nat4u. And I will never be able to thank you enough for your service in bringing this blessing into my life:~)I can only hope and pray that everyone else on your site are as fortunate as I was:~)
Thank you again,
DESPRADO, Billy :~)

DESPRADO & nat4u

Returning the kindness

So I was kinda sick of dating girls that took advantage of my "kindness". I would take out pretty much any girl that wanted me too. But they would always expect so much of me and never return the favor. I decided to try out LDS Mingle, kind of as a dare with my friend, but also because I wanted something new. Well, I found my fiance on this site. A beautiful girl who from the start, was so kind to me. It was a new thing for me to have a girl return my kindness. Well, we "met up" at the temple, a safe spot if I might say so myself, and we have seen each other everyday since. thanks for your help "hooking a brother up."




I never thought that an internet site would help me find my eternal companion. But here I am about to tell my success story.

I actually came about LDS Mingle when I was browsing for a topic I wanted to know more about. Apart of my search was LDS. Which lead me to LDS Mingle. I read some of the success stories and looked into it a bit before I made myself a free account.

It actually was a time in my life that I had dated the guys I wanted in High School and nobody else met up to my expectations. I wanted to meet some new people from different backgrounds.

Soon after I made the account I was getting smiles and e-mails. I talked to various guys via e-mail and yahoo messenger. I never gave out my phone number because I was still skeptical about the site because it was the internet. Sure enough I got an e-mail from a guy at first I wasn't sure about. We e-mailed back and forth for awhile. He seemed like he really wanted to meet me. So, I agreed to meet up with him at the Movie Theatre.

I took my friend, Jessica, with me. The car ride to the theatre to meet up with him I had a picture and told Jessica all about him. The picture I had printed out was one from his mission. He, of course, was wearing his missionary tag. Jessica read the missionary tag and said I know some people with that last name. I said to her, really? Jessica said, and they have a son that returned from his mission not to long ago. And again he fit into that category quite well. Jessica called her mother to ask what is the sons name that returned from his mission not to long ago. Jessica told me the exact name of the guy we were about to meet. I couldn't believe it. My best-friends mother knew the guy I was about to meet at the theatre.

We arrived and with my heart racing with excitement and nervousness all at the same time. I peeked around the corner to the spot I said to meet. It was him. My heart felt at peace and he looked cute to me, but I did not want to rush anything. Jessica and I walked up to him and I immediately gave him a hug. I don't know what made me give him a hug, but I did. We had already decided on what movie we were going to see via e-mail. We went in and he sat next to me.

During the movie he would every once in a while make a comment or try to talk. I know a movie wasn't the greatest idea to get to know someone, but in my family talking during a movie especially at the theatre is totally rude. I tried to be quiet, but I would listen to what he would have to say. And soon I caught myself asking him questions about his comments about the movie. That wasn’t me at all. I was not sure if this was all a good thing.

After the movie he walked us to the edge of the curb where we each would go our separate ways to our cars. When we got to the edge I explained that I had to get home and I had to take my friend home too. He wanted to go somewhere to talk and spend more time together. It was late and we best get going. He then said, "Now that we have met can I have your number?" I gave him my number and invited him to come to my Choir Concert that was coming up on Tuesday in the evening at school.

I didn't think anything of it after I invited him to come to my choir concert. We exchanged an e-mail or two and then Tuesday came. I performed and at the end hanging out and talking to friends, there he was. He came! I exclaimed to myself. I was astonished that he came to a simple choir concert, for me. He became my hero that evening. I changed and we were off to hang out and chat. We hit it off great and talked most of the night. I got to meet a few of his friends. He got me home on time. Later that week on Thursday, he called asking if I would like to go out for some ice cream. He and a friend were over within minutes and we got to talk most of the night while enjoying some Dairy Queen.

A new Saturday came and where was Adam and Tamera, you guessed it, at the movie theatre!

We were inseparable and hung out as much as we could that entire month! And it never stopped there.

Met: Saturday, December 6th, 2003
Wed: Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Now we are on the verge of celebrating our 1 year Anniversary!

Thanks LDS Mingle!



Wow. The Adam and Tamera story; where do I begin? How about at the beginning…

I got home from my mission October 29th, 2003. I stayed with my folks for a few days and then loaded up the ’95 Nissan pickup that my dad gave me to ease the “starting my life from scratch” pain and moved in with my brother, his pregnant wife and their 2 year old son. I got all settled into the room at the top of the stairs that would have been the office and would eventually be the room of their soon-to-be-born little girl. The first couple of weeks were pretty rough.

Anyway, I went to Big O Tires to get my oil changed or to get a new tire; I can’t remember. It just so happened to be owned and operated by members of the LDS Church and they had all sort of LDS “local news and events” pamphlets lying out on their counter. While flipping through one of those pamphlets, I found out about and having just gotten home and having not kept in such good contact with my old friends I decided to try it out so as to meet new people. Realizing that I am a pretty intense “hopeless romantic”, keep in mind I was not trying to meet my wife online. I wasn’t even looking for a girlfriend; just someone to hang out with.

Just like Tamera, I got several responses from some interesting people but no one that I did more than email or chat with. Tamera was the only person that I ever met both online and in person. She was pretty cute in her picture but based on experience I’d found that pictures rarely do people justice. I pursued meeting her until she finally agreed and, since I’m a movie fanatic, I figured “why not a movie?” Having watched a lot of TV while I was unemployed, I picked a movie that I figured would interest both of us and we set a date and time.

I remember meeting her. She was the first girl (besides old friends from before my mission) that I had any intimate contact with since I’d been home. She came up to me and gave me a huge hug. She was pretty cute and obviously had A LOT of teenage energy which makes sense because, as she revealed to me only days early, she was 17 years old. We bought tickets and went into the theatre. Tamera and I sat together and her friend who she brought for moral support sat in front of us. The movie was actually pretty good. We quietly chatted back and forth through different parts of the movie. All in all, we had a lot of fun and I wanted to go somewhere and chat more, maybe even grab some food. She said she had to go, gave me her number and that was that.

We emailed every other day for the next week over so, I attended one of her choir concerts, yada yada yada, oh, sorry. This isn't Seinfeld.

Anyway, we had our first kiss on December 24th, 2003 at midnight and have been pretty much inseparable every since.

starmoonpm & Foofighter

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