Success Stories: 2007

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I asked her to marry me.

I met her here last Dec. 16 2005 and I sent her smile. Then I sent her email and we talked on the phone. After that I went to see her in Geneva Switzerland April 2006. I asked her to marry me, of course she said YES. The great news.... last Jan. 14, 2007 we got married in PHILIPPINES......Thank you and god bless u all....


Can't stay apart

My sweetheart & I met on this site - I was only on profile & did not belong to LDS Mingles until I received his card and decided to respond. So I signed up for 1 month... the rest is history. We e-mailed back & forth about a week and decided to meet. We went to lunch on Valentines and ended up spending the whole day together. We haven't been able to stay apart for very long since and now we are planning the wedding...thank you...shrly


I sent a silly message

April of 2005 I (Charssmile) send a silly message to Justjason about a picture that he had, a Burger King crown with Sponge Bob and Patrick on it and that's how it all started. May 2005 he moved to Salt Lake City from Jacksonville Florida. We talked on and off but nothing serious then I asked him to spend Christmas with my family in Provo at My sisters house. Well those five days that we spent together changed our lives forever. We fell in love and with in a month and a half we where engaged and September 23, 2006 we where married in the Redlands Temple and I have never been so happy in my life. We have been married for 5 months and we are doing great. You never know what might happen by sending someone a little note.

With love,

Charleena & Justjason

Match of a lifetime

I met the match of a lifetime here! We are planning a wedding this summer in the temple. Keep looking and sending those smiles and cards. That's how it started for me, and now it ends with a great conclusion.


Love and happiness.

My username is lachicasola. I have been a member of this website for almost 3 years. I could not believe that I finally met my "eternal companion" here on this website. We met on the 10th of November of 2006. We became engaged shortly after. We are going to marry this summer on June 29 of 2007. I just wanted to say thank you because without this website I could not have met my honey bunny. He is the man of my dreams, the most incredible man I have not met. And I'm in love with him more every day, every minute, every hour, and every time. I cannot wait that day on the 29th to be his wife.I could not believe to have met someone like him, especially on this website because it took me almost all my life, 30 years to find him. And I did because of this website.
I am the most happy woman on this earth because I finally accomplished one of the biggest dreams of my life. To marry the best man on earth especially be sealed for time and all eternities in the Salt Lake Temple. I just wanted to say to all those single people who are just looking and searching for an eternal companion to just keep going and never give up no matter how hard it will be. I have a tesimony that my Savior lives Heavenly Father and that He cares about us. And I know that he has for every person on this earth this special someone. The only thing we need to do is to be patient and understand that His time is different than our time.

His story:
My username is archangel30. I found the most beautiful and special woman in the world on November 10 2006. The first day I met her I knew I was going to fall in love with her. She is the most kind and loving woman I have knew known in my life. I fell in love with her for every reason and not just for many reasons. She is eternal times better than I ever hoped for or prayed for. I know now that Heavenly Father really does love me and every day I am overwhelmed by the love that my Heavenly Father shows me with her sweet spirit and kind heart. I am so happy to take this cute little Spanish girl to the Temple and be sealed to her for time and all eternity. It is the best thing I could ever have. I am the most lucky man on this earth to have her. I feel I am in heaven already and I can't wait to share the eternities with her and see that our love grows forever. Thank you LDSMINGLE.COM for everything and for making a website where people can find their greatest love and happiness.

con amor Tatiana and Michael

p.s. hoping a lot of single people can read this real successful story and dreams can come true.

lachicasola & archangel30


Thanks LDS Mingle. Timi4225 and I were wed in the Temple on Dec. 20, 2006. We started e-mailing in April. He was all the way in Europe and I in America. When I got The e-mail I wondered how we would meet, but he had faith. I never met a more positive man of faith than Timi4225. He won me over with his spirit. We overcame many obstacles but Heavenly Father knew we were a match and put the right people and things in our path to join us together, Including this website. Thanks again An123

an123 & Timi4225

Our 2nd year of Marriage.

Two years ago I came to your site to see if this would work in helping mind a mate for eternity. Well to my amazement, I found her and we met here on your site. This march we will celebrate our 2nd year of marriage and it is all because of your service. To all Keep it up and Thank you from my heart.


Wonderful every single day!!

Avry (username: liv2pla) and Justin (Username: Justin12) met on LDS Mingle in July of 2005 & were married May 27, 2006. It was amazing how close we lived to one another & never crossed paths until we met on LDS Mingle. Thank you LDS Mingle we have now been married almost 9 months and it is wonderful every single day!!

Liv2pla & Justin12

Someone that is great.

Adam and I met in October 2006 and we fell in love for each other the moment that we saw one another. We are planning tentatively that we will get married sometime this year. I would strongly recommend LDS MINGLE to my friends. I met someone that is great and you can too.


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