Success Stories: 2007

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Love hit us so fast.

I had just been out of a relationship for a month and I got back on mingle to get back in touch with all of my old friends from mingles chat. I wasn't looking for anything at all, and wanted to just be single for a while. About a week into being back on, I looked at a cubsof89's profile. I didn't like something he said on there, and I messaged him to tell him lol. Well I never got a chance to. Apparently he had been waiting and hoping that I would message him, and had me laughing from his first sentance to me. We talked for hours that night, and for the next few days we talked almost non stop. He was then bold enough to ask me to meet him just a week after we had started talking. He drove over three hours just to meet me and drove back the same night. From our first date we both knew that it was just ment to be. Love hit us so fast it was unbelievable. There have been so many things that have shown us that we are ment to be together. On March 1st he asked me to marry him. He made a slide show on dvd set to music. God Blessed the Broken Road. We are both divorced and have little boys. He has 3 and I have 2. They are all very close in age and call each other their best friends. We are looking forward to having an eternal family. The date is set for June 23rd. Thanks so much mingles!!!

prettymommyof2 and cubsof89

PrettyMommyTo2 & cubsof89

Sweet sweet Rose

Querida and have been together for two years now and been engaged for a year past September. I love her so very much with all my heart. It has been an awesome experience, I have visa interview April 2 and we have set a temple date for June 8 at the Detroit temple. I look forward to the day when I can be sealed for time and all eternity to my sweet rose. We have had obstacles on the way, but through our faith in each other and in the gospel Jesus Christ, we have been overcoming them. Robin is a very special lass, one I feel honoured and humbled and blessed to call sweetheart, eternal mate to be. This does work only if you let your heart follow the promptings of the holty ghost. Never be afraid to follow the councel of the priesthood. Robin has inspired to use my priesthood many times, I feel thankfull for the things she teaches me daily. In fact a year ago past Christmas Robin saved my life and I will be forever debted to my sweet sweet rose. I love you baby. So this is a success story that no matter where you are it can be overcome if you do what is right and let the consequence follow. god speed highlandlad36 and querida

Her story:
Ok now that you have read Highlandlad36's version of our love affair, I will update with mine. It has been a long two years with 5000 miles between us. We have had many challenges but the strength and blessings that have come are thousand fold in comparison. With just 77 days until we enter the Temple to be sealed, John and I feel deeply indebted to Mingle for the great service this provides for those of us who don't live in highly populated LDS communities. The front of our wedding invitation is a Castle with the saying that Dreams do come true. Well John and I are a testimonial that dreams do come true and prayers are answered. I'm very thankful that John and I have had the past two years to get to know one another and know with certainty that we are right for each other. WIth prayer at the top of our list, we have made sure that we keep our covenants sacred and look forward to building an eternity together. If John gets his way, we'll be starting a family before years end. Good luck to all of those that are earnestly seeking their eternal companion. Keep them in your prayers. Be patient and in tune to the Spirit. Remember the Lord has the right person for you. Trust in Him. Council with Him. Be the companion you wish to have. Be open to who the Lord has in mind for you and your dreams will come true as well. Best wishes. John and Robin

highlandlad36 & querida

Love is out there

Amy and I found each other seemingly by accident--not through Mingle match or any other features of the site.

We started emailing and listening to the same audiobooks. Then talking on the phone. We finally gathered the courage to both drive to Kirtland, OH--halfway between Chicago and Washington, DC--to meet for the first time. We put an end to the high phone bills and every-other-weekend travel five months later and were married.

We are very happy and wish the best to everyone on Mingle. Love is out there for you...

Her story:
I met johndc on LDS Mingle on the 4th of July. We began a correspondence of friendship that grew from there. He told me about a book he was reading and I decided to check it out from the library out of curiosity. We read other books together as our friendship grew. We decided to meet in September. The halfway point was Kirtland. I think we both knew right there and then this was love. We traveled back and forth to see each other every couple of weeks. He proposed to me on Christmas eve and I said "yes!" We were married on February 17th and it has been happily ever after since!


johnDC & navyblue614

Prepared and ready

Amy has had a profile for a few years, because she was from Ohio (fewer LDS men). As for myself, I thought it was something I would never try, I was on for a few weeks and she was the second girl I ever emailed. I think that I was finally prepared and ready, and so was she. LDSmingles is really a great thing. You are able to get to know somebody just from their profile.


Fell in love

My story is kind of interesting. I decided to finally try an online dating service. I found ldsmingle, and thought, "Why not. They're all LDS, right?" I was always good about trying to talk to my "matches" on the website.

The girl who is now my wife (her profile is dawnavin2), registered just so she could check out the profile of a friend. Dawn was one of my recent matches, and her profile interested me, so I sent her a smile. She replied, with the one asking if we could email. I thought, "sure. What can it hurt." We would also instant message each other. She wasn't even planning on meeting me, and I didn't push it. Both of us had been in bad relationships.

On December 10th, 2006, she asked what I was doing. I thought she wanted to meet, and asked if she had wanted to. She later told me she was just making conversation, but said sure. There was a Messiah concert at BYU-Idaho that night, and we went to that together! It was actually a lot of fun, and we went on a long walk in the snow afterwards.

She liked me right from the start, but it took a lot of convincing on my part before I fell in love with her. We dated a little all month, but nothing serious. Just before Christmas, she went home, to California. A week went by with us talking a little. She missed me, and told me in an email that she liked me a whole lot. I usually hate talking through emails, but decided I needed to tell her how I felt. The concern I had was taken care of the next night, when she called me. We talked every night on the phone for the next week and a half, until she got back to Rexburg.

Our first kiss was January 10th. I proposed February 9th. We were planning on getting married May 12th, but God had different plans for us. Some things came up, and we were married last Saturday, March 10th - exactly 3 months after we first met.

***Updated 7/10/08***
We met on LDSMingle in October 2006. We officially met at a concert, December 10th of that year. Things weren't really progressing until she went home for Christmas (she was attending BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho, which is where I am from). We started talking every day, for a couple of hours, and couldn't wait for her to come back from California. We got engaged February 9, 2007. We ended up getting married on March 10, 2007. On short notice, her parents and a sister and brother were able to come from California! I can't say things have been easy, but we do love each other and work things out.

December 1, 2007, we moved to Salt Lake City, UT, to be closer to her older brother who lives here. Again, it hasn't been easy, but we talk and work things out! We recently received a great gift, which we knew was coming. On June 22, 2008, we had a baby boy. Garret David Nickell was born at 5:21pm. He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 21 in long! He is adorable and is the light of our life!

dbl2and1 & dawnavin2

Warm tender feelings

On line our screen names are "niftfox" and "sweetsunlight". We are both excited to be getting married in April of this year. A year ago I (niftfox) attempted to communicate with Nancy.... (sweetsunlight) but she would have nothing to do with me as she was already interested in someone else. Finally in May of 2006 she began to communicate with me as things had not worked out with the other fellow. Since I love to practice my Spanish with the "senoritas", and she being from Monterrey Mexico, we began to have some very fun and interesting conversations. She seemed to be primarily interested in the same things as myself. Mostly spiritual things were what we talked about. We connected very deeply spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. We began to love each other as much as two people could online, but alas the distance was so great that we both abandoned the idea.

We went our seperate ways for a time. She became serious with a gentleman in Austin Texas, and I became engaged to a local sister. Niether of those relationships worked out, and we again found each other on line through mingles.

After about a month and a half of renewing our relationship and once again remembering the warm and tender feelings we had for each other previously, she decided to come and see me here in Las Vegas. She came the week of the singles conference. We spent time together. I offered to show her the lights of Las Vegas, she said: "I came a long way to find out if you are the man that I want for all eternity, I did not come to see the lights of Las Vegas." I knew and felt that it was then serious. We attended the temple together. We visited about sacred things there and felt the spirit confirm to us that we had something special. The following day I proposed to her and she accepted as I placed the the gold, diamond studded ring on her finger. She wept, and her eyes danced as she hugged me tightly and asked: "Eres tu?" (Art thou him?) I said, "I certainly hope so".

***Updated 7/6/08***
I am pleased to tell you that we (Niftfox and Sweetsunlight) have been blissfully married since April 6, 2007 in the Las Vegas Temple. It has been a great transition for both of us and we have met the challenges of a second marriage with the counsel of our leaders, to include daily scripture study and prayer, coupled with frequent temple attendance,(weekly at least).

Many ask us how we met and we are always happy to tell them that we met here on LDS Mingle.

We purchased a home in Las Vegas and attend a Spanish speaking ward where my wife works in the nursery and I have been called into the bishopric. We are not able to be ordinance workers anymore due to our calling in the bishopric, but we still volunteer weekly at the Las Vegas temple.

It is our desire to serve a full time mission at some point in the future. We are grateful for the technology that made it possible for us to find each other. We were able to share ourselves with each other intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally prior to our actual meeting. We finally did meet in mid February of 2007 and fell hopelessly in love with each other. We sealed that love for time and all eternity in the Las Vegas temple on April 6th.

We wish success to all those who are seeking that special someone. We would counsel to make that decision prayerfully and wait on the Lord.

The Johnsons

niftfox & sweetsunlight

Open and honest

I was searching through a ton of guys, and feeling discouraged that there are so many non compatible men. I saw my husband's profile, he said he was an RM and native Spanish speaker. I went on a Spanish speaking mission, so I thought it would be cool to get to know him better. We emailed about 2 times, and exchanged numbers and text messaged all day, and that night talked on the phone for about 6 hours. Four days later we went on our first date. He didn't play any games, we both liked each other and were open and honest and decided that if we kept liking each other we'd get married. Five months later we were sealed in the Timpanogas temple and are both so happy.


Very happy

Dear Sarah,
Like most ldsmingle members here where success stories ended in marriage and so do I. I frequently love to read success stories. I'm also dreaming of one day I will something to tell here also about our love story....

I met scouse last 15 July of 2005. He sent me smiles twice which I replied. I wasn't a subscriber but our relationship worked out. We personally first met on September 1st. He made his way to visit Philippines and stayed for two weeks. He proposed marriage with a ring and eventually ended up in marriage last February 7th of 2007.

I am very happy having scouse in my life. We both are happy and looking forward for our future with God as our constant companion in our marriage relationship. Truly God and His love moves in mysterious ways.

scouse & aneworlds

His story:
Love moves in mysterious ways.

I met my wife here last 15th of July 2005. After sending each other smiles, cards and emails for months, I decided to fly and visit her personally in her homeland, Philippines last 1st of September 2006.

I proposed marriage to her with a ring and we planned to get married after a few months. We married last 7th of February 2007. I am happy that I meet my wife here and we end up in marriage.

I am thankful for this website. Its a great help for those who are truly seeking their eternal companion. God Speed The Right!!!

Scouse & Aneworlds

aneworlds & scouse


I've noticed success stories are always about romantic relationships, and nearly always culminating in marriage. While I'm certainly happy for those who find love here, I feel sad that other "successes" from this site seem neglected. So my success story is about friendships!

I've been a member of LDS Mingle for about 2 1/2 yrs. Over the years I've developed some wonderful friendships with both men and women here. I met my two very closest friends here in the mingle chat room. I've met more people from mingle than I can count. I've had more mingle parties at my house than I can count. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

LDS Mingle is so much more than a dating site! Thank you for providing an avenue for sociality that I wouldn't have had any other way. Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot of dating here too, but the friendships and fun overall is the true success in my mind.



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