Success Stories: 2007

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We dated locally and found out what a match we were!

My husband and I met on LDSMingle. We lived 15 minutes apart and were both working on the BYU campus, and yet would have never met. LDSMingle provided the introduction; we shared the same life and religious values that led us to believe we were a good match. We were able to date locally and find out for ourselves what a match we were! Thanks! Best money I ever spent.


We are living our happily ever after dream with each other

I met my husband on LDSMingle in November of 2004. We almost both canceled our membership after some frustrating dates and relationships, but luckily we logged on one morning and found each other and are living our happily ever after dream with each other. We can't believe how lucky we were to find each other in such a unique way from different ends of the same state. My husband's sister followed our example and likewise met her eternal companion online. Keep the faith, true love is just a click away!

southernbelle78 & Sureshine

We both knew that the other was the right person

I got a message from Haplo on the 16th of August 2007. We instant messaged for a while. Right from the start, we go along really well. We talked on the phone quite a bit too, even though I wouldn't normally give out my phone number to anyone I'd met on the internet. We first met at the end of September when haplo made the drive over to Melbourne. Besides a few initial nerves, we had a great weekend together. Then we counted down the days until I went over to Adelaide at the start of November by talking on the phone several times everyday and getting to know each other more. I went over for a 4 day weekend and met his family and friends and we had another perfect weekend. Then just a week and a half later, I made the trip back and we spent two and a half weeks together. At this time, becoming engaged was just a formality because we had already talked about marriage and family and we both knew that the other was the right person to spend eternity with. We are getting married on the 1st of March and it's so exciting preparing for our big day and we can't wait!!!! Haplo and Jacques1980

jacques1980 & Haplo

He is exactly what I wanted and deserved in my life.

Bob instant messaged me just when I was considering canceling my membership. He came to Salt Lake City from Post Falls, Idaho to meet another woman that he was talking to for about a month. That didn't work out so he called me and wanted to meet. We met on Monday, October 29th and we hit it off pretty well. I got off work early the next day so we could spend more time together before he left for home. We have either talked on the phone, text, or web-camed ever since. He came to my house for Thanksgiving weekend and I am now at his house. We have gotten engaged since I have been here. We are getting married sometime in Jan. He is awesome and I love him so much. He is exactly what I wanted and deserved in my life.


We actually had something pretty special.

I'd been single for 4 years and through this site and others I had met tons of wonderful friends and enjoyed some longer-term relationships. Then one day a new person instant messaged me and we chatted briefly. We met the next week to go hiking in the mountains and instantly became great friends. We talked and dated regularly without being romantic (a strange thing for both of us...but we were still semi-involved with other people at the time). After many months of this, it occurred to both of us on a day trip to Park City where we had the time of our lives, that we actually had something pretty special. I am grateful for this way of meeting friends and how it brought the two of us together. I was online 4 years and he was online a month. Go figure the odds. We got married last week and the holidays this year (Dec '07) seem more glorious than ever and brighter as we look to our future! Have faith, take chances and be yourself!! It does happen to everyday people like us....God bless! ~sunniegirlusa


He is what I have always wanted.

After 4 years on this site, the most wonderful thing happened to me. This man smiled at me. I smiled back at him. We emailed for a few days and then he asked me out. I usually have to have been emailing for quite a while before I will give out my phone number, but for some reason I gave it to him and asked him to call me. He did and we talked for a while. Then I went to TN to meet him and go on a date to see what would happen. That was 5 1/2 months ago and we have talked every day since. I go to visit him one weekend and he comes to visit me the next. We were married Dec 8th 2007. He is what I have always wanted. I am so blessed to have found him. Thank you LDS Mingle for this site.


We have now moved beyond friendship

I sent him a short message in August and he was seeing someone. I started seeing someone shortly after that also. At the beginning of November he finally responded to my email and we are in shock at how quickly we became friends. We have now moved beyond friendship and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet each other online. Since we live in different states, we never would have met without LDSMingle!! Thank you so much!!!


It's crazy how things work out!!

I made my Mingle account on the 5th of August. I was about 3 months out of a bad relationship. I didn't think this online dating stuff was for me, but my best friend thought it would be a nice and slow way for me to get back into the dating scene. Long story short, my guy and I started talking on the 13th!!!!!!!! He didn't have an account, he was over at a buddies house and he was on his page just browsing and I caught his eye! It's crazy how things work out!!


I know he is the man of my dreams.

I met the best man of the whole world on this site. Thanks to LDS Mingle, I'm so happy AND I know he is the man of my dreams. We are actually dating and planning to get married in February of 2008. Although he is living and Arkansas and I live in Texas, we decided to start our relationship and meet each other. I feel really blessed to meet him. He is so special and spiritual and he makes me feel how beautiful the gospel is. I can't wait to share my entire life and eternity with him. I never imagined I was going to meet my future husband on this site, but it works and I'm so grateful to this site.


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