Wild1975sm was always there for me

I actually knew my fiance when I was 14. He had a crush on me but my best friend liked him so I refussed to be his girlfriend. Wild1975sm was always there for me and saw me through my 2 marriages. I actually helped him make his profile better on LDSmingle so he could find him ideal wife. He finually got the nerve up to ask me out, again. It was different because he was a best friend not a date. But it was great! We had more in common and the temple goal in mind helped keep us focused. My little family loves him and we are happy.
He was only 91% for me but I was a 99% match for him. Don't give up on not having a "100%", you will be amazed how much your match has in common with you.
Thanks to all who sent me smiles and good luck to all...your match could always have been your "Best Friend".
Me2you4 & Wild1975sm

Me2you4 & Wild1975sm

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